Using Bleach to Lighten Hair Color – Pros and Cons

Using Bleach to Lighten Hair Color – Pros and Cons

Some time ago, I had a conversation with a friend about coloring hair. She wanted to have her hair colored, for the first time ever, and was thinking of going lighter. Much lighter. Being Asians, both of us have naturally jet black hair. Her tresses are especially black and thick, so I mentioned the possibility of using bleach to achieve a lighter shade. I’d been considering bleaching my hair then too. Which got us talking about what the possible pros and cons are of using bleach to lighten hair.

Using Bleach to Lighten Hair Color - Pros and Cons

I think generally it’d be more advisable for first timers who wanna go blonde-ish or have a much lighter hair color to go to a salon to have it done. Me though, I’ve always been a DIY kinda girl, and in my opinion, if you wanna go the DIY route as well or have a smaller budget to spare, as long as you do enough research about the process and products to be used, as well as be prepared for any issues or problems that may arise, you’ll be fine.

Read on for the pros and cons of using bleach to lighten hair color.

Let’s start with the pros. One, you’ll be able to achieve noticeably lighter hair color. You can even go from naturally black hair to a yellow or platinum blonde. Two, it should be a speedier, relatively easier process than using DIY color because as I’ve seen a number of times, some red or brown-based for home use hair dye can have zero effect on dense, jet black Asian tresses.

Using Bleach to Lighten Hair Color - Pros and ConsThree, if you want loud colors like fire engine red or shades of blue, pink, or purple, it will be much easier to achieve if you bleach your hair beforehand.

Now let’s proceed to the cons.  The main thing that’s stopping me from using bleach is the damage it’ll cause to my tresses. My colored hair is dry and dull enough as it is, and there’s a possibility that bleach will fry it. So yeah, something to expect if you bleach your hair is dryness, and with constant bleaching, probably weak and brittle hair.

Using Bleach to Lighten Hair Color - Pros and ConsTo counteract this effect, bleached hair would require more hydrating treatments, such as hot oil treatments, daily conditioning, and/or regular at-home hair masks. Other negative effects that bleach may have is increased hair fall, as well as skin and scalp irritation. I’m not saying these things will inevitably happen to everyone, I’m saying there’s a possibility of it happening. Another con is constant retouching, such as toning newly blonde locks so they won’t go brassy or yellow, and coloring the roots because this’ll be quite obvious if the natural color of your tresses is black.

So, what do you think? I’ll probably eventually try bleaching because I’m getting bored and frustrated with my hair. I’m already eyeing some DIY bleach treatments by Japanese brand Palty, and I know there are cheap bleaching products at HBC. My friend, on the other hand, eventually decided that she’s holding off on it because she likes her hair healthy and shiny, and tried highlights instead. Either way, I think it’s a fun idea, but you have to be aware of and accept both the pros and cons before you do it.

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