Tips for Packing Makeup and Toiletries For Travel

Tips for Packing Makeup and Toiletries for Travel

Tips for Packing Makeup and Toiletries For TravelThese are cute, no? From Liberty London

The Lenten season is already here and no doubt most of those living in Manila will be packing their bags for a short vacation. I know I will be. Sometimes though when I start organizing the things I need to pack, I get a little stressed and worried. I need to make a list and make sure that I bring everything we need. I guess I’m a little obsessive-compulsive that way. Thought I might share some tips for packing makeup and toiletries for travel.

  • This is something most people already know, but worth reminding—if you’re travelling by plane, remember, the liquids, gels, creams, or sprays in aerosol cans that will be in you carry-on luggage has to be at 100 ml or below. That includes perfumes, lotions, liquid foundations and pretty much all other toiletries. It’s also advised to store them in clear Ziploc bags.
  • Speaking of Ziploc bags, they’re great for packing your makeup and toiletries for travel, whether by plane, land, or sea. Of course you don’t have to put everything in Ziplocs, but for stuff that are likely to spill or drip, like shampoos, lotion, perfume, toothpaste, I think it’s a must.
Tips for Packing Makeup and Toiletries For Travel
  • Put the toiletries and makeup you use in your routine in one roll-up cosmetics travel bag. You know, those with clear compartments which usually have a hanger on the very top? These are really convenient to use because you won’t have to rummage in your luggage for the smaller items you need.
  • Utilize your product samples! This would be a great time to use them! Sachets of moisturizer, sunscreen, those travel-sized shampoos, shower gels, and conditioner? Pack the ones you plan to use into your bag. If you have a lot, why not share them?
Tips for Packing Makeup and Toiletries For Travel
  • Decant. If you want to stick to your staple items and they’re housed in large, bulky containers, pour them into smaller bottles and jars. Sets of various travel-sized plastic containers are available for an affordable price at most supermarkets, department stores, and some drugstores.
  • Avoid packing makeup that tend to melt easily into your luggage. In this heat, there’s always a possibility that they’ll melt. It’d be best to put them into a purse or tote that you’ll always have on you and will not likely be in direct heat or sunlight.

Tips for Packing Makeup and Toiletries For TravelClinique All-In-One Colour. Review here.

  • Regarding makeup, try to bring only those that you’re likely to use. It’ll save you space. When I pack for a trip oftentimes I include some a cosmetic or two that I rarely touch but which I’m trying to give a chance…and end up not using them during the trip anyway. Multipurpose makeup, like lip and cheek tints, as well as palettes, are pretty convenient for travel. Also, this is kind of a personal rule, but I try not to bring anything super expensive because there’s a chance I might misplace it or leave it behind, which would really suck.
  • Not for packing makeup or toiletries per se, but for clothes—another kind of plastic bag to bring, if you’ll likely be coming home with wet or damp articles of clothing—garbage bags or any sort of big plastic bag, so the rest of your things don’t get damp. I hate when something damp gets packed with my clean clothes, they all get that musty, damp smell, and I’ll have no choice but to throw the clean clothes into the wash.

Are you going anywhere this coming Holy Week? Got some useful tips? Share!

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