Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip

Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip

Iwas never a fan of Skinfood products. It was not so long ago when their BB creams were very much hyped because this South Korean brand’s BB creams were the most readily available, but surprisingly, I didn’t give in to the hype. In all due fairness, I admit I always take a second look on their products whenever I pass by their stores, because their products’ packaging all look very appealing. After habitually passing by their stores and taking a better look on their products, I decided to give a certain product a try; a product that I think I can’t live without because of my perpetually dark undereyes: concealer.

As much as I want to erase my dark undereyes by laser surgery or settle with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to make my eyes look lifted, it’s not so feasible or practical right now. So, as of this moment, the best way to get rid of them is by using a concealer.

I’ve never tried using a liquid concealer before, so the Skinfood Rice Concealer tip is my first liquid concealer ever.

According to Skinfood’s website:

Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip: 10 grams. Contains rice and vitamins to hide and repair minor blemishes. Has a lightening and soothing effect.

Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip

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Instructions for use:

Apply by tapping on the desired area. Cover evenly by tapping with fingertips.

I personally use this for dark undereyes which has been my main problem since way back. It’s only available in 2 shades at Skinfood: Shade #21 and Shade #23. I use Shade #21 for my light-medium skintone.

Initially, I was impressed by this concealer’s coverage. It’s like an ultra-light foundation but still enough to cover some blemishes or dark undereyes.

Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip

Skinfood Rice Concealer TipI provided a picture wherein you can see my eyes before and after using the product. Without it, my eyes look droopy, tired and dull. The Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip gives my right eye an instant lift. As you can compare, my dark undereye seemed to have vanished with just one layer, making my eye look brighter.

What I like about Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip:

  • Good coverage, enough to cover fading blemishes or not so dark undereye circles.
  • I always look well-rested whenever I use this. It’s perfect upon application.
  • Lightweight but very pigmented, a little goes a long way.
  • Hides my dark undereye circles and redness around the nose well when newly applied.

What I don’t like about Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip:

  • It disappears after a few hours, to the point that I look like I didn’t apply anything under my eyes. This only means it doesn’t have a good staying power even if you set it up with translucent powder or powder foundation.
  • Unhygienic packaging. I don’t know what other packaging can be used for liquid concealers aside from the wand applicator, but I’d like to comment-it’s just unhygienic. If you are sensitive with hygiene, you should wash the wand/doe-foot applicator every time you use it as to avoid bacterial contamination.
  • Even if I use a certain amount of eye cream, this concealer has a big tendency to get cakey.
  • It creases a lot after a few hours, settles on fine lines and emphasizes them more
  • It dries with a powdery finish so after a few hours, I would see clumps of of it under my eyes which could be the product of being cakey and the powdery finish
  • It doesn’t cover pimples, so you must have a separate creamy concealer for pimples.
  • The price. Here in the Philippines, it costs about Php 600.00, which is a tad expensive.


Because of too much cons for me, I only use this when I go out for only a short period of time because it tends to get cakey on me and it creases so badly after a few hours. Also, if you have really dark undereye circles, this just wouldn’t be enough. You have to use a separate corrector. I already used up two tubes of this, for the lack of finding a better product when I was in college. I wanted to love this concealer very much but it doesn’t do a very good job.

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2 Responses to Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip

  1. Ida says:

    Nice review, Nikki. :) It looks like it really brightened and evened out the color of your undereye in the photo. To o bad it faded and cakes quickly. I had a tube of this before, and my favorite thing about it was that it was pigmented enough, but soon I found other products that performed better.

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