Silka Skin Whitening Age Defying Lotion with Jojoba Review

Silka Skin Whitening Age Defying Lotion with Jojoba Review

I have been using Silka Green Papaya Whitening Herbal Soap and I am satisfied with how it maintained my even skin tone. This was recommended by an OB GYN client before when I asked for her recommendation to patients who have problems with their dark stretch marks after giving birth. She recommended Silka Green Papaya soap for it works well for her and for me too.

For my lotion, I have been using a Victoria’s Secret lotion for years since I worked on a graveyard shift before in a contact center, and didn’t need sun protection then. But when I started working as Medical Representative, I did field work. I was exposed to the sun while driving. I’ve tried many whitening lotions in the past. Some are sticky and some are greasy. Until I thought of trying the Silka brand since I’ve been using their soap.

What made me pick Silka Skin Whitening Lotion at the lotion counter while doing our grocery shopping is when I noticed that it has the highest SPF among other competitor brands like that of Block and White, Belo Essentials and so on. It has SPF 23, others only have SPF 15. Others just say it has sun protection, that’s it, no numerical value whatsoever for consumers to quantify.

It comes in a white plastic bottle. You can squeeze the bottle to let the product out for use. The packaging is very ordinary.

Silka Skin Whitening Age Defying Lotion with Jojoba Review

Here is what Silka says on the packaging:

Silka Skin Whitening Lotion SPF 23. Get visibly fairer skin with Silka Skin Whitening Lotion Age Defying with Jojoba Oil and Pea Extract.

Jojoba oil and pea extract help improve skin fairness and elasticity making the skin softer and smoother. Its moisturizing effects help fade away age spots and fine line leaving a more even skin tone.

Its non-greasy formulation with SPF 23 protects your skin from harmful effects of UV rays. With continued use, you’ll notice a smoother and more youthful glow on your skin.

Directions for use:

Apply liberally all over body and massage into skin. For best results, use every day.

Silka Skin Whitening Age Defying Lotion with Jojoba Review

Now, here are the things I love about Silka Skin Whitening Age Defying Lotion with Jojoba:

  • It is Philippine-made.
  • It is smooth on the skin while using it and leaves skin silky smooth after.
  • It is light on the skin, not sticky or greasy.
  • It is very cheap. It costs only round P130 per 200ml bottle. It is sold almost everywhere.
  • It evens out my skin tone. I have white lines on my feet, slipper marks and the rest is darker. This lotion minimizes the appearance of unsightly tan lines I have. I still have some right now but not as obvious as before when I was not yet using this lotion.
  • I was definitely whiter when I still lived in Manila. I became two to three shades darker here in Baguio due to afternoon walks with my son. But I notices my skin tone is better since I used this lotion. I believe I am now only one shade darker from my original skin tone. It must be the sun protection.
  • It has SPF.
  • It has a fresh scent.

What I don’t like about Silka Skin Whitening Age Defying Lotion with Jojoba:

  • Nothing.

And oh, it claims to whiten in as early as 7 days. Not for me. I’ve consumed a bottle to notice I have a more even skin tone. Anyways, I never believe in claims like those so I never expect a result after a week. So, it’s okay with me for as long as it has good effects on my skin after continued use. I just love this lotion.

Silka Skin Whitening Age Defying Lotion with Jojoba Review

5/5 rating for me.

See the beauty in everything.


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2 Responses to Silka Skin Whitening Age Defying Lotion with Jojoba Review

  1. suchismita dutt says:

    where I will get it in India??????????/

  2. Val Anne Bee says:

    Hi Suchismita, I messaged Silka and asked if they have their products available in India, but the said it is only available here in the Philippines. However, they say there are online stores selling this product. I’ll get back to you once they replied, I asked them if they can recommend a site. Or if you want you may inquire on their Facebook account, Silka Skincare. Thank you so much for reading. =)

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