Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion Review

Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion Review

Whenever I visit a Watsons or the beauty section of SM or Robinson’s, my companion, usually my husband or sister, complains of how long it takes for me to finish browsing and choosing my items. Haha. What can I do, I love cheap stuff!  The Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion is one of my cheap buys. Used to be that I didn’t give a toss about whitening products but lately I’ve been buying them to apply solely on dark areas which I’d like to look more even.

Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion ReviewFrom the packaging:

Experience the richness of Silka Papaya Lotion. Its new improved formulation helps whiten and maintain that fairer, youthful glow on your skin.

Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion ReviewI don’t expect much from whitening products found on drugstore shelves but still, I hope that with prolonged use, they can at least brighten the skin a little bit. That’s what I was thinking when I got the Silka Papaya Whitening Lotion. Since I’m diligent at applying lotion all over my body everyday, I thought I’d add this to my daily routine, putting it on dark areas like my knees, elbows, and others.

There are many affordable whitening lotions to choose from but I picked the Silka Papaya Lotion because it’s the cheapest. It costs only PhP 104 for a 200 ml bottle. There are other variants of the Silka Whitening Lotion, one of which contains Jojoba and which Val has reviewed here.

This product is pretty simple. It’s in a white bottle with a flip-top cap. The product is a white, slightly thick lotion, and I like the texture because I’m not really fond of very runny, liquidy lotions, since I feel like those don’t really moisturize or do anything. The scent of it is a light, milky papaya which I do not find bothersome. I apply it generously on the parts I want to whiten everyday, without fail, and the bottle I have is nearly used up.

I can say that the areas I’ve been using this on seem to have brightened by a small degree, though not really whitened them, and the change is barely noticeable, but I’m glad there was any change at all and I like that my skin is brightened even by a little bit.

The Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion contains SPF 6 which I guess is…better than nothing. Though most of them time I use this during the evenings anyway.

Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion ReviewLikes:

  • The creamy, thickish texture.
  • The scent isn’t too strong for my nose. It’s alright.
  • It does not irritate my skin. No itching, redness, or rashes.
  • Brightened my skin a little.
  • It’s moderately moisturizing.
  • Doesn’t leave an obvious white cast on my skin after application, like some products with spf or whitening claims do.
  • Very accessible. Available at many places.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • Has a little SPF.


  • Nothing, really.


I think the Silka Papaya Whitening Lotion is nice for anyone who wants a product that can help brighten their skin little by little. It’s moisturizing, gentle, doesn’t smell bad, and is cheap. It just won’t whiten your skin in 7 days as it says on the bottle, but I believe that consumers aren’t that gullible!

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6 Responses to Silka Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion Review

  1. DeBi says:

    interesting but im not into whitening kasi i teach swimming ourdorrs…masasayang lang ang effort. hehehe

    • Ida says:

      Hehe masasayang nga. You teach swimming pala sis. I think that’s cool. Di kasi ako marunong lumangoy at gusto matuto. Paturo! :D

  2. khushi gaikwad says:

    pls tell me where shall i purchase it
    as m not aware it where to order n how much it cost
    pls reply

  3. Val Anne Bee says:

    this, i have not tried. i wanna know din which is better in whitening, green or the ripe papaya kya. hmm…

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