Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue Review

Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue Review

Our moms are the most generous people in our lives. I know you’ll say yes! I usually borrow some cosmetics from my mom whenever I spend a vacation with them. Sometimes, she lets me take home a few. =) It makes her happy to share her shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, and her makeup remover with me. Speaking of makeup remover, she gave me (to take home) the Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissues to use as makeup remover during my recent vacation.

Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue ReviewI always have makeup remover wipes at home. I sometimes use them on my face to remove stubborn mascaras and liners that makeup remover, soap and water failed to remove completely. But most of the time, I use them on my neck. I remember my night beauty routine before, I first used makeup remover on my face and neck. I wash my face with soap and water after, but most of the time neglecting my neck! I just clean my neck again with toner. I felt that I was lacking attention (yeah, cleansing) on my neck area before. So for 5 years now, I always use baby wet wipes on areas that soap and water miss. And recently, I started using makeup remover wipes.

Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue ReviewMost baby wipes and makeup remover wipes are packaged in a re-sealable plastic pack and this Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue is packaged that way too but better, because the plastic pack is further housed in a box. I like how it always looks clean, new, and fresh. It has 30 pre-moistened tissues in it. It was really moist when I first opened it and still moist until now even if I opened it a month and a half ago. It has a fresh floral herbal scent to it which I find refreshing.

It contains ingredients good for the skin such as Retinol, Vitamin E, Ginseng, Green Tea and Aloe Vera. It claims to be advanced aging treatment makeup remover tissues. It claims to deep clean, unclog pores and moisten skin. And also it claims to help reduce fine lines and dark circles too.

On the Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue label:

One step anti-aging cleansing treatment specifically designed to remove makeup and reduce appearance of fine lines.

Purederm Age defying cleansing tissues are formulated to help reveal younger looking skin. These dual-action deep cleansing tissues with Retinol and Vitamin E, Ginseng, Green Tea and Aloe Vera unfold to a full size. Dirt –seeking fibers clean deep within the skin while moisture-weave fiber delivers moisture to the skin. You will see clean and revitalized skin after one use and continued use of these tissues will help your skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue Review

Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue – What I Like:

  • It feels soft on skin and it has enough moisture too.
  • It causes no irritations, allergies and breakouts.
  • It is gentle on skin. No stinging or any unwanted sensation.
  • It does not sting my eyes when I use it to remove eye makeup.
  • It cleans my face well. It removes my foundation, eyeshadows, eyeliner and even long lasting lipsticks and lip tints. I tried it on removing my ever, super stubborn Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara, it cannot fully remove them from my lashes but it helped. It is okay with me since I already emptied and disposed that mascara. But for other mascaras I have that need makeup remover, the Purederm Tissue did a good job on them.
  • It leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh without any stickiness.
  • It is not drying.
  • It is made with ingredients beneficial to the skin.
  • It has no parabens.
  • It is available at Watsons.
  • It is inexpensive for P99 per box.

Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue Review

Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue – What I Don’t Like:

  • Nothing. =)

Overall, the Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissues is a good performing makeup remover wipes at a super affordable price. It’s nice to bring on vacation so one doesn’t have to bring a bottle of makeup remover and cotton anymore. It is versatile too since this can be used to freshen up even on days we don’t wear makeup. It is also nice to have one at home to use on neck areas which soap and water usually miss when we wash.

Always wear beauty,

Val Anne Bee

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8 Responses to Purederm Age Defying Cleansing Tissue Review

  1. Ruth says:

    I super agree with you val! Our moms tlaga are super generous! Kahit wala ng matira saknila! Hehe! Anyway, This is so affordable huh? At npaka-pulido pa maglinis! Over sa pagkasulit ang product na ito. Galing! (:

    • Val Anne Bee says:

      Yup lalo na kapag di ka na nkatira sa kanila, pag visit mo, laging may pabitbit diba? Hehe. Ineexpect ko Ponds Cold Cream pahihiram sakin e, eto muna daw gamit nya para handy. Yeah it is affordable and it works okay. =)

  2. Ida says:

    That’s true about moms. :) Adding this to my usual Watsons purchases. I need it for any remaining makeup on my neck too! Guilty of neglecting my neck too.

    • Val Anne Bee says:

      Ako rin Ida, may time pa rin na gusto ko iwash with water and soap ang neck ko pero sa pagod at sa ginaw dito 9 degrees, naneneglect na lang. it’s nice to have makeup remover wipes like this that works well and affordable too. =) thanks Ida.

  3. DeBi says:

    heheh….hooray to mommies!

    this product seems good. I love facial wipes especially when i am so tired and lazy to wash my face. mahanap nga ito paguwi ko. :)

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