Orly Coffee Break Nail Polish Review

Orly Coffee Break Nail Polish Review

I needed a break from the bright and sparkly nail polishes I’ve been sporting as of late, and I knew the perfect thing for that would be a nude shade. Fortunately I have a whole lineup of them waiting to be tried courtesy of my mom who wears nothing but. I picked Orly Coffee Break to try.

Orly Coffee Break Nail Polish ReviewCoffee Break is from Orly’s permanent or core line of polishes. It’s a brown shade with a creme finish.

Orly Coffee Break Nail Polish ReviewNude colored nail polish is something like a palate cleanser; I’d also liken it to a jar of coffee beans that are sniffed in between trying various perfumes. I really like using it for that and can appreciate how neat and clean it can make my nails and hands look. It’s subtly chic.

Once I thought all nude polishes looked pretty much the same, but that’s not true. Same with neutral shadows, which are my fave, there’s a wide spectrum of these colors. Orly Coffee Break I’d say is in the mid part of the spectrum. It’s a somewhat milky brown which under certain light looks like it has the faintest pinkish tones. I think it’s more cool-toned than warm-toned. On my skin, it looks, well…nice. Simple and nice.

The color of it reminds me of the color of a cup of macchiato. Specifically, Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiato, once the foam has melted away. It’s basically a slightly dark, milky brown shade. It’s a creme, and dries quite glossy. Being big on coffee, I like the name and color a lot.

Coffee Break is a pigmented polish and could be opaque in one coat, but I do two coats of it because I experience some issues with the formula of most Orly polishes. I find it a bit thick, too thick to apply evenly in two thin coats, so I end up doing one slightly thick coat, then, once that dries, a second, thinner one to even the application out. If anyone reading has a technique to applying thick polishes please let me know in the comments.

Orly Coffee Break Nail Polish ReviewWith flash

Orly Coffee Break Nail Polish Review

And without flash. I find this photo more color-accurate, but it’s a little blurry.

Orly Coffee Break is available at Landmark, PCX, and other select stores, for PhP 350. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

Orly Coffee Break Nail Polish – What I like:

  • The coffee-lover in me likes the name.
  • The color of it is simple, pleasant, and easy to wear.
  • The glossy finish is lovely, quite suitable for the creme finish.
  • It’s opaque and doesn’t need many coats.
  • It doesn’t take very long to dry.
  • No issues with the brush, and the rubberized cap makes it easy to grip.
  • It’s locally available.
  • It’s big 3-free.

Orly Coffee Break Nail Polish – What I don’t like:

  • The formula which I find a bit thick.


This is a pretty brown polish.It blends right in on my slightly tan hands and generally looks neat and pleasant. I’m not overly fond of the formula because personally I don’t find it very easy to apply, but it’s not a major pain either. Include it on your list of polishes to check if you’re looking for a simple brown creme.

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