Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 Review

Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 Review

I always give high importance to sun protection products. I’ve read how sun can be very damaging to the skin. I look for four things in a sunscreen lotion. First, I want a broad spectrum product. This means it has protection against UVA and UVB. Second, it must have high SPF value of 50. SPF 50 means it can filter 98% of sun’s harmful rays. Third, it should not irritate my skin. Lastly, it should not be sticky and I want it lightweight.

Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 Review

Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 seems to meet my criteria for a good sunscreen. My Hawaiian Tropics Baby Faces and Tender Places Sunscreen was almost empty and I had to get another bottle for our the La Union Surfing Break experience we were about to have then.

Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 is packaged in a Nivea signature blue bottle. It has 125 ml of product in it. I chose the one formulated for kids even before I didn’t have a kid yet. It is made for sensitive skin which I do have. And now that I am a mom already, I can share it with my son. I don’t have to bring different sunscreen lotions every time we go to the beach.

On Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 label:

Nivea Sun Children’s lotion SPF 50 Immediate UVA/UVB Protection System. Especially formulated for children’s delicate skin. It protects against sunburn and long term skin damage and helps reduce the risk of skin allergies. Vitamin E helps protect the skin against free radicals. Reinforces skin’s own natural UV defenses. The NON-STICKY FORMULA keeps skin smooth and supple. Extra water-resistant.

Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 Review

What I like about Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50:

  • It has the signature Nivea scent.
  • The packaging is simple and very Nivea.
  • It is a little easier to apply and spread all over the skin compared to Hawaiian Tropics Baby Faces. The consistency more liquid.
  • This does not form that whitish film on skin or those white streaks.
  • This is as lightweight as the Hawaiian Tropics Baby Face. But this is absorbed faster.
  • You will still feel the difference of having this sunscreen on your skin than when you don’t. But this is definitely light for a sun protection to be used for water activities.
  • This sun protection claims to be extra water resistant. I read that there is really no sunscreen that is water resistant. It is actually in most labels that you have to reapply lotion after such time, this lotion reminds the user to reapply.
  • This is a broad spectrum sunscreen since it has protection against UVA and UVB.
  • It has SPF 50 which filters 98% of harmful sun rays.
  • The price of more or less P350 (sale price) is okay for a sunscreen.
  • Available at SM Department Store and Watsons.
  • It comes with a free beach ball. Hehe. It was such a surprise at the counter. It made my son scream wow! He is crazy about balls.

What I don’t like about Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50:

  • Though this is lightweight, I opt to use different sunscreen with high SPF on day outs that do not involve water activities. For a sunscreen to use for swimming, I am content with this.

Our Surfing Breaks in La Union happens on the second half of October every year. At this time, surfing is being promoted to the public and people can hire surfers to teach them how to ride the board. We enjoyed the surfing season in San Juan. I didn’t mind how dark I could get. I couldn’t resist the big waves. I am glad that this sunscreen let me enjoy under the sun for a long time with no sunburn! Yehey!

Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 Review

I didn’t take surfing lessons yet. Probably, on our next La Union trip. I need to prepare for it. I need a rash guard to keep me from slipping on and off the board. Sunscreen makes the board very slippery, making it hard to stand on the board. I also need stronger arms to push myself up against it.

See the beauty in everything.

Val Anne Bee

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2 Responses to Nivea Sun Kids Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50 Review

  1. Ida says:

    Nice review Val, I think I’ve tried the adult version of this na. Hehe. Not sure.

    Surfing lessons in La Union is on my list of planned items to do when our family’s able to get vacation time! My husband went there some weeks ago and told me about it, though he didn’t try the surfing lessons then either. :) Your son looks so cute in his rash guard. :)

    • Val Anne Bee says:

      Thank you Ida. I’ve seen ladies trying to ride, it looks like it’s tiring but they are super enjoying. My sister took a half day lesson, she had a hard time because she kept on slipping on and off the board because of her sunblock. Rash guard talaga. =) Buti pa nga anak ko ready na magsurf with his rash guard ako hindi. Hehehe. Yeah you try too Ida! Thanks a lot.

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