Nichido Clear Mascara Review

Nichido Clear Mascara Review

I haven’t bought mascara for months now. I love how mascara can make the eyes look so lovely, I do, but it’s their short, three to six month shelf life that stops me from getting any new ones. On me they just go used about a dozen times then the shelf life’s done, and I don’t dare risk getting my eyes irritated by continuing to use them. So in the meantime I borrow from my sister. But right now all she has is the Nichido Clear Mascara. I use it anyway.

Nichido Clear Mascara ReviewWearing clear mascara kinda reminds me of my teens, when I basically didn’t know anything about makeup and used clear mascara on what I considered dressy occasions. Haha. Now I just use my sister’s Nichido Clear Mascara whenever.

I actually still have a clear mascara myself, the ELF Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara, which is a double-ended lash and brow mascara, but I’ve been using both ends on my brows to set my brow powder. Using that on my lashes would’ve most probably equaled an eye infection…

But anyway, I don’t do a whole lot of eye makeup these days because the heat makes me terribly lazy. Kudos to those who still do full face makeup in this scorching weather, but me, I mostly just do concealer, powder, highlighter, a blush and a lippie. Some days though I really miss playing with eye makeup, so I dust on some neutrals and line my eyes a bit. Eye makeup is not complete to me without mascara, and also, I need it to get rid of the eyeshadow or powder that’s fallen on my lashes.

Nichido Clear Mascara ReviewThat’s basically what I use the Nichido Clear Mascara for. I like to brush it on my eyelashes whenever I don eyeshadow and if I see that some of my powder foundation’s gathered on my eyelashes. The effect is glistening lashes, noticeably more shiny and just slightly more defined and curled than usual, but it’s only obvious for about ten minutes, after which the product dries and my eyelashes look pretty much normal.

What I like about this is though is that it’s unscented and it doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes. The brush of it is big and wide, but I don’t experience any application issues with it. Also, this is cheap. My sister told me she got it for PhP 80 at the department store. It’s got 6.5 ml of product and I don’t think we’ll use it up too quickly.

Nichido Clear Mascara ReviewThe formula of it isn’t heavy, it’s a little watery even, and balls up a little when applied on my lashes, but I easily fix that by swiping it lightly with my finger. I tried it as a brow gel too, on clean, bare brows, and it doesn’t really have much of an effect. It does not keep my brow hairs in place or do anything else. I’d still go for the ELF one for my brow gel.

Nichido Clear Mascara – What I like:

  • It doesn’t make my eyes sting, watery, red, or itchy.
  • It’s not too thick—no problems with the formula in terms of application.
  • The brush is easy to use.
  • I like the wet appearance it gives my lashes.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • Easy to find.

Nichido Clear Mascara – What I don’t like:

  • The ‘wet’ effect is gone too quickly.
  • Doesn’t help retain a curl.
  • No effect as a brow gel.


This is a pretty decent product if you need a clear mascara that costs less than PhP 100. No good as clear brow gel though.

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