Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon & Spa Experience

Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon & Spa Experience

During my recent one week vacation in Davao City, I decided to have my own quiet time at a nail spa, the Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon & Spa. Since we already spent most of our days swimming and eating a lot at Samal Island, Tagum City, and Davao City, I wanted to really unwind before going back to the bustling city of Manila. Our flight was at 9:45 p.m. via Cebu Pacific so I had ample time to get away for awhile from my family for about an hour.

Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon & Spa ExperienceThere were two nail spas at the newly opened Abreeza mall in the largest city in the whole world (according to the museums, this is measured by land area). I contemplated between Nail-A-Holics and Posh Nails.

I chose the latter because of its unique interiors. The walls of the Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon & Spa were painted with a view of the beach and the couches were upholstered with cream, brown and blue stripes. It was smaller than Posh Nails but it was cozier for me. The pink theme of the latter nail spa was causing me a slight headache.

I decided to try Nail-A-Holics’ Serene Island Manicure (Php 180) and Crystal Sand Hand Spa (Php200). Too bad they don’t have any packages that combine the two. The Serene Island Manicure includes a manicure, nail polish, and hand/wrist massage. The Crystal Sand Hand Spa includes arm and hand exfoliation using granulated salt scrub and arm massage.

Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon Spa ExperienceFirst, she scrubbed my arm using sea salt with oil. After a couple of minutes, she wiped it with a hot washcloth twice. It was a bit messy for a scrub since I was only sitting on one of their comfy couches. What I didn’t like was the fact that the woman also wiped the chair arm rests a little using the same washcloth on my arms. That was quite unhygienic especially for people who are particular with cleanliness like me.

Afterwards, she proceeded to dip my fingers in lukewarm water to soften the dead skin on my fingernails. She carefully cleaned my nails, removing only the dead skin. I was particular with her not to cut my cuticles because it protects the nail beds. Good thing though she was pretty good at removing the dead skin and it didn’t leave me bruised after the service.

She massaged my arms and hands after each hand was finish with cleaning. The free nail polishes at Nail-A-Holics were Asian brands but I don’t recall the brand names. For the Revlon or OPI, they charge an additional Php 40. I chose a bluish silver free nail polish instead.

Now I realized both services cost me too much because I paid Php 380 but they didn’t extend the time for the arm and hand massages. That was quite disappointing because I was looking forward to that part of the nail spa treatment.

Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon & Spa Experience


  • Very relaxing ambiance and interiors
  • Friendly nail salon staff
  • Wide selection of services
  • Convenient mall location


  • A bit expensive considering the time frame of each service
  • Lacks more package services especially with massages
  • A bit unhygienic with the scrub which was a turn off for me
  • The staff are quite pushy when it comes to offering you their nail spa services.


Well, I was able to unwind even for a little while. The ambiance at Nail-A-Holics really helped a lot because they have comfy couches and I love the longer seats with curtains and pillows. They also have a small room for full body massages but no shower rooms though since it is primarily a nail spa. Perhaps I can give Nail-A-Holics’ Manila branches another chance if ever I have enough time to do so once I’m back in the city. The thing is with nail spa franchises, their services have the tendency to suffer with over expansion in such a short time. I hope they improve it to avoid other new nail spas sprouting in the city like mushrooms beating them in the spa industry.

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4 Responses to Nail-A-Holics Nail Salon & Spa Experience

  1. Ida says:

    I always see this nail salon when I go to the nearby mall, it looks cute! I’ve never tried it though, good to see some insight into their services. Nice review, Rem. Gusto ko rin magbakasyon sa Davao! :)

  2. Val Anne Bee says:

    i agree, nice ambiance and interior. for a salon and spa, the cozier the better. :)

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