Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey everyone, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, are you gonna be celebrating this day with your mom? I like to give my mom a little something on Mother’s Day and spend some time with her, if I can. Just the latter part, which lets her know that you want to be with her, is a nice enough gift I think, something which I, as a mother, would definitely appreciate in the future when my daughter’s grown and busy and I’m an old lady wanting to talk and spend more time with her.

Mother's Day Gift IdeasHere are some relatively simple Mother’s Day activity/gift ideas.

1. Go to a spa or salon together. Probably every woman would appreciate a massage, or a manicure or pedicure, especially if they don’t often have the time to get one. Go with your mom to a spa and treat her and yourself to a massage, or to a beauty salon where you can both get a simple manicure and pedicure done or those packages with additional services like foot spas, massages and scrubs, guaranteed to make your mom feel more relaxed and pampered. Sit next to each other so you can talk during the whole thing.

2. Treat her to a nice restaurant. Take her someplace she’s been wanting to try or you think she might like. Consider the type of cuisine or food that she prefers, instead of just yours, since it’s Mom’s Day after all. My mother, for example, is a healthy eater and almost always goes for salads when we eat out, whereas I tend to go for richer, greasier, fattier fare (ugh, yes, but I can’t help it). So keep in mind the food that she likes to make this a more thoughtful treat.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas3.  Good old flowers. If you’re unable to spend most of Mother’s Day with your mom or if you simple prefer to give her something, classic, good old flowers would be alright. I used to think of flowers as being a rather generic gift, but I’ve come to appreciate them more. They’re so pretty. I love seeing them around the house. Pick out a lovely bouquet to surprise her with.

4. Scented candles. This is a simple gift, but I think it’s something most busy moms out there might appreciate. My mother’s been working pretty much all her life and doesn’t always have a lot of time of. When I introduced her to my favorite brands of scented candles, she loved it. I think they make her feel more relaxed and improves her surroundings. She has stocks of it at home and at her office. Just make sure to give her quality scented candles—I personally recommend Alice Blue and Amber Lights Laguna for more affordable options. For more high-end choices, Diptyque and Laura Mercier at Rustan’s have some candles with lovely scents.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas5. Beauty/Fashion magazines or makeup. If your mom is into fashion or beauty, why not get her some of her favorite magazines or makeup from her fave brand? My mom likes Harper’s Bazaar USA, InStyle, and People Style Watch, which at our local shops are a lot more pricey compared to local magazines, so my sister and I might get her a couple of current issues of those later today.

6. Perfume. For a slightly more extravagant gift, pick out a perfume for your mom. I know some people consider perfume a common type of present during holidays, but I think it’s nice. It mostly depends on your choice of fragrance, I think. Something you think she’ll like, or at the very least, something she won’t crinkle her nose at. Haha. If you’re not sure what perfume to give her, consult with your dad or her best friend. Stay as close to her taste as possible. Have the perfume wrapped prettily for a finishing touch.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift would greatly depend on your mom’s personal taste and hobbies, but whatever your gift might be, what she’ll probably appreciate most is the effort and thought behind it.

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