Milk for the Skin and Hair: Homemade Beauty Treatments

Milk for the Skin and Hair: Homemade Beauty Treatments

I love dairy products. I love eggs, chocolate, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, bread, and flavored milk! As for trying out homemade beauty treatments for the skin and hair using milk, I’ve only ever applied cold milk with a cotton ball to the puffy skin around my eyes. Yeah, it worked! It lessened the puffiness and made me feel refreshed. I can easily imagine how bathing in milk would make the skin uber soft—but the ever practical side of me says that milk is for drinking, not bathing. Turns out there’s a way to do that without using huge amounts of milk. Here are some homemade beauty treatments using milk.

Milk for the Skin and Hair: Homemade Beauty TreatmentsMilk baths – there are a number of ways to do this, I picked the one that to me seems the easiest. If you have a bath tub, that’s great, simply add two to four cups of fresh milk to the bath water. Soak, then rinse thoroughly. If you don’t have a tub, you can just use a pail (or a timba and tabo, like I do. Haha), fill it with water and pour in one cup of milk or so. Lightly rub with a washcloth all over your body, and rinse. A nice way to pamper oneself at home, and it should leave skin feeling softer and more moisturized.

Milk & Avocado Hair Mask – oh, this looks so yummy and creamy. Get one cup of milk and one ripe avocado. Mix together until you get a smooth texture. Apply to tresses and leave on for about 30 minutes. Rinse, wash with shampoo and conditioner. This is great for dry hair and can make tresses smell good too.

Undereye soother and depuffer – if your eyes undereyes are all puffy and blotchy from crying or staying up late the night before, get some fresh milk from the fridge and pour some into a saucer or a small glass. Get one cotton ball for each eye. Dip it in the milk, squeeze out some excess,and lay it over closed eyes. Make sure the cotton ball covers both the lids and undereyes. Remove once it no longer feels cool. Re-dip and put it on again. It should be on for about ten minutes on each eye. From personal experience, feels quite refreshing and helps make my eye area feel and look more awake.

Milk for the Skin and Hair: Homemade Beauty TreatmentsCleanser – after washing with your regular facial cleanser at bedtime, take another saucer of milk and a cotton ball. Soak the cotton and gently apply all over the face and neck. No need to rinse—just grab a tissue or dry cotton and pat off any excess. This can be moisturizing and nourishing to the skin.

Scalp treatment – get half a cup of milk, dip your fingers in and rub all over a clean scalp. Rinse with shampoo. Milk can be quite moisturizing and soothing to a dry, itchy scalp.

Milk for the Skin and Hair: Homemade Beauty TreatmentsPapaya and milk skin lightening body wash – take half a cup of papaya and a cup of milk, with an optional half tablespoon of honey. Mash the papaya and mix ingredients together. Wash skin with soap, them apply this mixture. Rinse thoroughly. This’ll smell good, and both papaya and milk can brighten up the skin.

I think that of all the items that I can use for homemade beauty treatments, I like milk best. It tastes creamy and good, and I can imagine my skin feeling that way too when I apply my milk treatments on it.

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  1. shajeela says:

    :dance3: WOW is THE word!!! :dance3: I like it! I’ve tried for eyes. I’ll try the hair mask or hair tonic or should i call it a hair drink :-D

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