Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum Powder

Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum Powder

I appreciate the novelty of beautiful packaging. That’s what drew my attention to this lovely, tall bottle of the Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum Powder. We browsed through the discount outlets at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna last week, and at Marks and Spencer I went sniffing at the bath and body section. There I discovered China Blue, which is a lovely, subtle scent, available in a variety of body products.

Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum PowderThe delicate, feminine bottle of the China Blue Powder  juxtaposed with the rough, stained path of our backyard.

Product information on the packaging:

Evoking the scent of clean, fresh linen, this China Blue ultra fine talcum powder will leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and silky soft.

To use : Dust all over the body particularly after bathing for soft, pampered and silky smooth skin.

Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum PowderThe golden twist-cap.

The bottle of the China Blue Silky Talcum Powder is made of aluminum, and has a gold cap. I love the feminine, vintagey look of it and the way it’s supposed to look like china.  It’s quite charming. The scent is just as charming as the packaging. I’m not generally drawn to ‘fresh’ scents, but this is light, clean but doesn’t feel cold, delicate, and sweet. It doesn’t scream fresh linen or fabric softener to me, it’s just subtle and nice, and I totally wouldn’t mind smelling like this all over.

The bottle is also pretty huge—200 grams, to be exact. That, in addition to the beautiful packaging and scent, does make the price of PhP 295 for a bottle of scented powder justifiable. I got this courtesy of my parents-in-law, whom I went with to Paseo de Sta. Rosa. I would love to go back to a Marks and Spencer store to purchase the China Blue deodorant, box of 3 soaps, and body wash for myself.

The talcum powder itself is very fine, non-irritating, and feels silky on the skin. I like to sprinkle it onto my neck and décolettage after taking a bath. The scent doesn’t last long, but it’s lovely while it does. The China Blue Silky Talcum Powder has become one of my little daily luxuries. It’s really a delight seeing it on my dresser and using it.

Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum PowderBack view

What I like about the Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum Powder:

  • The sweet, subtle scent, which also agrees with my body chemistry.
  • The bottle which looks elegant and feels cool to the touch.
  • The powder is super fine and feels silky while being spread onto the skin.
  • It contains a lot of product.
  • Marks and Spencer has a number of branches where this and the other China Blue items can be purchased at.

What I don’t like about the Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum Powder:

  • The cap doesn’t go on very tight and I sometimes have trouble getting it to twist open.
  • The price is a little high at PhP 295.


I love this scented talcum powder and although this was a gift, if I misplaced it, I would buy a new one, along with the soaps and deodorant. I find most of Marks and Spencer’s scents a bit generic, but this is a little gem.

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7 Responses to Marks and Spencer China Blue Silky Talcum Powder

  1. my daughter got this as a gift too, i agree it looks very lovely!

  2. Faye says:

    Wow, I am book-marking this one! I think this will make a really cool Christmas gift for my mom and aunts. And for myself as well :dance:

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