MAC Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder Blush

MAC Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder Blush

The reddest and brightest of all reds. I think that’s what most people say when they first come upon this blush. I was given the MAC Frankly Scarlet powder blush by a friend who doesn’t know much about makeup. She was at a MAC store when she called me up, saying she wanted to give me some makeup as a present. She decided to buy me this after trying to choose which shade would suit my fair complexion. She said she bought it after an hour of hesitating which shade to give me and while handing it to me, she firmly said, “I know this would suit you best. Please don’t look like a clown.”

Information from MAC website:

Powder Blush: Colour for the cheeks and face. Various formulas. Different looks.

MAC Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder Blush

MAC Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder BlushMAC Frankly Scarlet is the reddest blush I’ve ever seen and I actually flinched when I first saw it. Not being specific with blushes, I only stick to pinks and I only have two of them. This shocking, bright red is very scary looking in the pan. I was kind of hesitant to use it, to the point that I just kept it on the shelf and didn’t bother to try it on for days. I thought it was a bit flashy so I would not want to use it when I go out. But as they say, you should give things a chance, and the fact that it was given and chosen carefully by a dear friend gave me enough reason to use it.

MAC Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder BlushBeing my first MAC blush, I had no idea how pigmented MAC blushes are, so I just dipped my brush in it, like how I dip the brush in my other blushes and swiped it onto my face and voilà, I looked like someone with a disease with blushing episodes. It wasan honest mistake and I actually found it amusing to have “miscalculated” the amount to put on.

I tried it on again, and this time, I applied it with a light touch and blended it out. There on my face, was a gorgeous, rosy red color. I got the technique that after swirling the brush, I should tap the excess or sweep it first on the back of my hand to avoid applying too much. Being a very bright red, I did not expect that it would show up as a natural-looking flush.

What I like about MAC Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder Blush:

  • Gives a lovely color, making my face look bright, fresh and healthy
  • It is highly pigmented so you only need to use very little amount. A little goes a long way!
  • I love how it blends on my skin. It looks very natural.
  • I believe it’s a good shade for any skin tone, especially those with fair complexions.
  • I love that it’s matte. I can’t imagine using a shocking red with glitters in it.
  • It photographs beautifully and it somehow contours my face on pictures.
  • The price is not too steep compared to other brands.

What I don’t like about MAC Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder Blush:

  • I’m not too careful when applying blushes because I am always in a hurry, so I tend to over-apply with this one.
  • Like their other blushes, there is no mirror inside the compact.


I love this! It gives me a healthy, natural-looking flush whenever I look pale. Just make sure to apply as lightly as you can to avoid looking like a clown or having some sort of skin disease. Use sparingly, be careful not to overdo it. I know it looks quite scary in the pan, being striking red, but trust me; it gives a very nice color payoff. It is matte, so if you want a more glowy finish, you might want to use a highlighter. I would definitely repurchase if I ever run out, but I doubt I would ever finish this blush any time soon.

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6 Responses to MAC Frankly Scarlet Matte Powder Blush

  1. Naomi says:

    This colour is so beautiful! But I would be so intimidated to wear this!

  2. Ida says:

    I love the name of it! The color is definitely intimidating in the pan, but after trying a number of bright blushes, I know how beautiful some can look when applied correctly. I agree Nikki, Frankly Scarlet would look especially beautiful on fairer skin tones.

  3. Nikki says:

    Naomi, I also used to be intimidated with the brightness of this blush, but when I applied it, it gave me a natural flush. I really love this blush! :)

    Ida, I also love its very unique name! Yes it also scared me off at first, but it turned out to be a very pretty color. :)

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