Lush Candy Cane Soap Review

Lush Candy Cane Soap Review

Time for another Lush Soap review! Today I thought I’d write about my thoughts on the Lush Candy Cane soap, which will only be on sale until the 14th (when the Lush Christmas Sale ends). This had been out of stock at the Lush branches I checked, but when I happened to drop by the Mall of Asia there was still loads of it available there.

Lush Candy Cane Soap ReviewThis photo is so yellow!

Website claim:

Inspired by all the candy shops in New York City (and with just the slightest of nods to a certain Charlie in a certain factory), Candy Cane Soap is everything you could ever want from a bar of soap. Our perfumer Simon captured the fragrance of a candy cane perfectly using English peppermint oil and the sweet, cherry scent of almond oil. It was probably thanks to the fact that he consumed his body weight in candy canes whilst making it. All in the name of research!

Invigorating and comforting at the same time; perfect for waking up in the shower on a winter morning.

Lush Candy Cane Soap ReviewThe bar of Candy Cane looks somewhat like actual candy to me, and in such cute colors too. I like the pink and red stripes.

This doesn’t smell exactly like one of those striped candy canes to me though—it’s more like syrupy cherry with vanilla and peppermint! It’s not a sugary, toothachingly sweet smell like you might expect from the name. Rather, it’s a subtle, fruity-sweet type of scent, which smells cool, smooth, and yummy to my nose.

Candy Cane is softly scented. Comparing it to the other Lush soaps I’ve used, to me this one’s scent was the least strong. Nonetheless, what I smell of it in the shower, as per the product description, I do find invigorating.

Another invigorating thing about this soap, aside from the scent, is the tingly feeling it gives my skin once I lather is all over. It’s not a cool, minty sensation, but an actual tingling of the skin, nothing uncomfortable or anything, it’s a bit on the subtle side really. However, I think my sensitive skin might be reacting to the peppermint oil content or some ingredient because this dries up my skin big time, so I’ve had to stop using it.

The regular price of the Candy Cane Soap is PhP 225 per 100 grams, but since I got it during the sale, the price was 50% off.

Lush Candy Cane Soap Review

Looks yummy.


  • I like how it looks like candy.
  • It smells cool and sweet. Quite pleasant to my nose.
  • I don’t have to buy it online.


  • Very drying to my skin.
  • Doesn’t lather much.
  • Melts easily.
  • Expensive at the regular price.


I enjoyed using this because of the combination of cherry, vanilla, and peppermint, which made for a pleasant scent to foody-smell lover me, but it really dries up my already dry skin pretty bad. It’s probably more suitable for those with normal skin. I’ll be skipping this next year, unfortunately.

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5 Responses to Lush Candy Cane Soap Review

  1. thiamere says:

    im not a fan of Lush soaps kasi i find it expensive though i have tried a couple but i didn’t bother making a post na about it.
    the only thing that i like is their Lemony Flutter!
    it’s great in making sure that your cuticles are moisturized

    • Ida says:

      Yeah, they’re expensive. I really waited for the sale so I could haul, hehe. Lemony Flutter is on my must-try list! :)

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