Leg Skin Care Tips

Leg Skin Care Tips

I think living in a tropical climate, most of us are used to our legs being bare in shorts or skirts a lot of the time. It’s just the norm. And it’s easy to neglect something that’s so often just out in the open, like I have. But bad skin on the legs is definitely noticeable. It is not cute and can be distracting, or ruin the look of a pretty, short dress. Legs can be just as sexy as the decolletage and back, and the skin on them needs to be taken good care of.

Leg Skin Care Tips Here are some tips to keep leg skin in tip top shape.

Use a lotion with SPF

During the day, even when just staying at home, apply a lotion with SPF on the legs to prevent the skin tone from becoming uneven or developing hyperpigmentation. You may not think that your legs need SPF in the city but rays of the sun can still reach and damage the skin on them. There are many affordable, lightweight body lotions with SPF available, currently I use the Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion, which has SPF 24, at home during the day, and when I go out for errands or whatnot.

Leg Skin Care TipsDon’t forget to exfoliate

Exfoliate each leg without fail at least once a week. This takes care of dead skin which can make the color on the leg dull and uneven. Failing to exfoliate can leave the leg flaky and dry-looking. Use a shower glove, loofah, body scrub, or dry brush. Exfoliating also helps prevent ingrown hairs, a common occurrence on regularly waxed, shaved, or epilated legs.

Of course, moisturize

It’s a given to moisturize the legs to keep the skin there smooth and soft.  If your leg skin generally keeps moisturized by itself, I don’t recommend skipping lotion altogether. Perhaps apply it only at night a few times a week if you dislike the moist sensation lotion may give. That should maintain supple, soft leg skin.

Try a bronzer for healthier color

If your legs are pasty and in need of some toning, try applying a bronzer, which can help provide the illusion of slimmer, more toned legs. You may use powder bronzer for this, or mix some of the bronze powder with your lotion. There are also body lotions in the market with a mild bronze tint.

Leg Skin Care Tips

Conceal wtih leg makeup

Imperfections on the leg, such as varicose veins, scars, or hyperpigmentation can be covered up or made less obvious using leg makeup, like the Sally Hally Hansen Airbrush Legs, which is in spray form. There are also cream or lotion-type ones, I’ve seen some very affordable at the Ever Bilena and Nichido counters. If you have loose foundation you’re no longer using, and which is relatively close to your skin tone, you can experiment with those by mixing a small amount with lotion and spreading it on the leg.

Dust on shimmer and sheen

This is a nice complement to a glam, sexy, leg-baring outfit. Cool to try for nighttime parties or events. A highlighter can be used for this, just lightly dusted on. Benefit also has a product for this purpose, called Bathina, which is on my Christmas wish list. The light and sheen that shimmer gives can make the skin on the leg look super smooth!

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6 Responses to Leg Skin Care Tips

  1. Val Anne Bee says:

    These are good tips Ida and easy to follow. I’ll try dusting shimmers soon. :)

    • Ida says:

      Thanks Val, it’s fun dusting on a little shimmer on the legs, I do it for nights out lang, using neglected highlighters or shiny loose powder. :)

  2. maye says:

    where can i buy sally hansen ? thanks :)

    • Ida says:

      Hi Maye, in Manila it’s available at Watsons and PCX stores.

      • maye says:

        can u tell me please on what branch of watsons sis? i’ve tried searching in festival in alabang but it’s not available eh..i really want to try this out..thank you so much for the help :)

        • Ida says:

          I don’t know for sure which branch of Watsons it’ll be available at sis. =/ But you can check PCX, there’s a branch in Festival Mall and the nearby Alabang Town Center.

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