How to Make Pores Look Smaller

How to Make Pores Look Smaller

I noticed the pores on my nose getting larger during puberty, when I started developing blackheads, then the ones on my cheek as well during my later teens. The sight of them really bothered me for a while, especially when I looked at my skin in one of those two-sided mirrors with one side magnifying each flaw on my skin…I’ve learned to live with it though.  I don’t think enlarged pores can be made permanently smaller, no. But there are ways to make them look smaller.

How to Make Pores Look Smaller1. Keem ‘em clean.

Dirt, oil, and dead skin cells tend to get logged into pores. Enlarged pores become a lot more obvious and are stretched out even further when they’re filled with impurities.  How to keep them clean? Start off with something simple. Have a good, consistent skin care routine. Always remove makeup before you sleep. Then cleanse. Make sure to apply sunscreen each morning. Just cover the basics and try to keep good skin care habits.

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2. Don’t pick on your skin.

If only I could follow my own advice all the time. When I get very stressed, my hands just seem to find their way to my face, where they pick on every uneven surface, usually on my cheeks where my pores are enlarged. Believe me, picking at your face will do your pores no good. It’s likely to irritate the skin, making it blotchy and swell, and making pores appear even larger. Aside from that, it can also make you can also break out. So avoid doing this.

How to Make Pores Look Smaller3. Use a product with salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid, in my personal experience, has been good for clearing deposits from the pores on my nose, which are very prone to developing whiteheads and blackheads. Remember, we want to keep pores clean so they’ll appear less obvious. So far I’ve found salicylic acid effective for clearing oil and hardened sebum from the enlarges pores on my nose. I use it at night once or twice a week, and I find that my pores look cleaner and I’m able to remove any impurities from them more easily.

4. Exfoliate the skin using products with AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

AHA is a chemical compound that can help exfoliate skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and giving the skin a more rejuvenated appearance. It can help keep pores clean and free of dead skin cells. Areas in the face with enlarged pores can benefit from the application of AHA because it can make the texture of the skin look more even and clear, making the pores look less obvious.

How to Make Pores Look Smaller5. Try your luck with supposed pore-minimizing products.

Yup, you can try your luck with skin care products that claim to make pores smaller, but before including it in your daily regimen, I highly recommend doing research on the product first. Check its ingredients. Is there something in the list that you’ve been suspecting your skin doesn’t agree with? Read reviews. Are there users who’ve seen positive results? Some products that claim to minimize pores are Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum and Biore Pore Minimizing Lightweight Moisturizer. I have not tried either of these though so I can’t attest to their effectiveness.

6. Look into undergoing IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments.

Certain IPL treatments claim to shrink pore size. Just like with new products, do some research on the particular process you’re interested in beforehand. Best to do more in-depth research on this because IPL is a lot more costly. I personally wouldn’t undergo IPL for my enlarged pores, but this is an option to those looking for ways to reduce the size of their pores.

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