Hair Color Ideas: Filipina Celebrities

Hair Color Ideas: Filipina Celebrities

I dyed my hair brown just weeks ago, but I’m already thinking of what shade to go for next. Gathering hair color ideas, I couldn’t help but think while watching TV whether the hair color of so and so local Filipina celebrity would look nice on me. Can I just say I like Erich Gonzales’s new hair color in Maria del Barrio? I don’t follow the show, but I see the its trailers pretty often while watching other programs on abs-cbn, and her hair color kinda just grew on me. Besides Erich, I’ll be featuring some other Filipina Celebrities to get hair color ideas from.

Hair Color Ideas: Filipina CelebritiesErich Gonzales – rich mahogany brown+orange. I really feel that it helps livens up her face and complexion. I personally don’t like the curls, but we’re talking about hair color here, I know…well, I also learned more about the show’s storyline while searching for photos—she plays a poor housemaid…who apparently can afford lots of hair dye or color touch ups (no roots!)? Fine, I’m going off topic. I don’t go wild with hair colors, but I do seem to be getting bored with the usual standard brown, so a tinge of orange is already adventurous for me. I’ll try this next. I think it would suit most Filipina skin tones.

Hair Color Ideas: Filipina CelebritiesBianca Valerio- bright golden blonde. Bianca Valerio is known mostly as a model, although she is also a makeup artist, entrepreneur, and a columnist, among other things. I think she carries off this color well. In fact, I think she looks adorable in it. It seems to complement her feminine, flamboyant style of dressing. Personally, blonde is too adventurous for me, but for a Filipina with naturally black tresses looking to reinvent herself? Blonde is the way to go.

Hair Color Ideas: Filipina CelebritiesAngelica Panganiban- medium, sunkissed brown. This is kind of the shade I go for each time I dye my tresses brown…somehow, it doesn’t really end up looking like that. It’s very standard, but also quite pretty and suits her skin tone well. I think this color would suit not just light-skinned Filipinas like Angelica, but a wide range of Filipina skin tones.

Hair Color Ideas: Filipina CelebritiesKris Aquino- red. This advert may be from 2009, but Kris does seem to sport various shades of red often, and there’s no reason she shouldn’t, as the rich red makes a nice contrast against her pale, light skin. I think red would suit most ladies with light skin tones. Personally, red tresses aren’t so flattering on my medium yellow skin tone as it seems to make my skin look more sallow.

Hair Color Ideas: Filipina CelebritiesAi-Ai de las Alas- ombre hair. Okay, it’s not really ombre hair, but I wanted to include that in the list because it seems like an interesting trend to try out, and I searched hard, but unbelievably, no photos of any young, happening Filipina actress, musician, socialite, or personality with ombre hair turned up. In case you didn’t know, ombre hair color is basically dark color at the top half of the head, which at mid-length, gradually turns into a lighter color, until the tips.

I hope these local celebrity photos give you some ideas on your next hair color, if not, at least I hope it was a fun read. Enjoy your weekend everyone, and to those who celebrate it- happy Thanksgiving!

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7 Responses to Hair Color Ideas: Filipina Celebrities

  1. i love hair coloring! sadly, i can only do it like once a year because my hair is thin and it gets brittle with each treatment. am into browns but i’m always curious with reds – don’t have the courage to sport it though! yet… hehe.

    • Ida says:

      Oh, only once a year? All the more reason to try the red since you can only color once a year, I think. :-) I can understand though how that color can be intimidating!

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  3. gelie says:

    I want to color my hair for my new look but I dont know what color should complement my skin tone. I have brown/morena skin tone could you help me?

    • Ida says:

      Hi Gerlie, I’d say explore shades of brown first, since that’d be your safest bet. For morena skin tones, I love rich mahogany browns, and for something lighter, cooler-toned ash browns. :)

  4. mikee says:

    how to do the mahoganoy+orange hair look of erich do i neet to mix the orange and the mahogany brown?

  5. Monica C. Yanson says:

    hi.. i really wanted to color my hair., I have a black hair , brown eyes and a warm skin tone., I’am into brown but i really don’t know what shade suits me the best., can you help me..??

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