Hair Cellophane Treatment – What Is It?

Hair Cellophane Treatment – What Is It?

The hair cellophane treatment is quite familiar to me—I’ve seen it many times on the list of services offered by various salons, and I lumped it together with hot oils and hair spas ’cause it seemed to be something to make hair shinier, though I didn’t know exactly what it entailed.

Hair Cellophane Treatment - What Is It?Ever since a friend who’s always been into hair care mentioned to me that she had her hair colored via a cellophane treatment, I’ve become more curious about it. I didn’t know that it had an effect on hair color, and so, to clarify things, I’ve been researching about it. Here’s what I’ve found out…

Hair Cellophane Treatment - What Is It?DIY products for at-home cellophane treatments

 The hair cellophane treatment involves the application of a solution onto the tresses. This solution is left on for about an hour, during which the substances in it are absorbed and ‘locked in’ to the hair. It is then rinsed. The result should be noticeably shinier, glossier, fuller-looking hair. Hence the treatment name cellophane. It’s basically like wrapping up your tresses in the solution with the finished product being increased gloss and vibrancy, as well as less frizz. The effect usually lasts a month or two. It wears away with regular washing.

As for changing hair color with the cellophane treatment, what I’ve found out is that cellophane treatments come in clear and color formulas. The clear formula, or clear gloss, seems to be a popular option, while what my friend chose was a color formula. She chose a blue-black shade which is already pretty similar to her natural color. It turns out that with cellophane color treatments, you need to select a shade that’s close to your actual color or darker. It cannot turn hair a lighter shade; cellophane solutions do not contain bleach, ammonia, or peroxide.

Compared to hot oil and hair spa treatments, cellophane has longer-lasting effects, although it is often also more expensive, and the whole process takes more time to finish.

Hair Cellophane Treatment - What Is It?What are its benefits?

As mentioned, dramatically increased gloss and shine, more controlled frizziness, and overall a more vibrant appearance to your hair. Dull, dry tresses can most definitely benefit from this treatment. I’m thinking of having this treatment done because I’m really beginning to dislike my lifeless, almost dry as hay hair!

What are its drawbacks?

Not much because it’s not damaging to the tresses but instead is a good way to improve and pamper them, but you have to keep in mind that this is not a long-term solution to dull, frizzy, dry hair. It is only a temporary fix. If your tresses are terribly damaged, this is not the answer, instead it’s a temporary measure. You may choose to have it done every few months or so, the drawback being more money spent.

And that’s what I’ve learned about the hair cellophane treatment so far! I’m thinking of asking my haircare-loving friend to go on a trip to the salon with me so I can check out the rates for the cellophane process and help me decide whether to get it or not. I understand that it won’t fix all my hair problems, but I think it’s worth a shot!

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3 Responses to Hair Cellophane Treatment – What Is It?

  1. Kari says:

    I was wondering the same thing. This seems like a good way to maintain colored hair which often turns dull and dry especially if you color it often. Thanks Ida! :)

    • Ida says:

      Hi Kari! Yeah, what you mentioned is my hair type exactly, and I agree, this’d be a good way to maintain it and give it back some shine. :)

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