Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner Review

Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner Review

I’ve written a review on the Fanny Serrano Professionals Shampoo, and its Conditioner deserves one too. I bought my Fanny Serrano Revitalizing Conditioner together with the Shampoo days before our La Union Surfing Break getaway. I picked them for their UV Protection properties. I bought the conditioner for P109 only. Its regular price is P139.75.

Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner Review

It comes in a simple and very plain white squeeze tube. It has 200 ml of product in it. I got mine in the revitalizing variant which is color coded with red print. Other two variants are Nourishing and Protect, Anti-Frizz.

On the Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner label:

With Micro-Proteins from Moringa seeds that revitalizes and strengthens hair with UV protection.

Fanny Serrano Professionals Conditioner is uniquely formulated to deeply protect and repair damaged hair from aggressive chemical treatment. It helps bring back smoothness and health to your damaged hair.

Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner Review

I have naturally wavy, dry, colored and damaged hair. I’d like to note that I always use this conditioner after shampooing with the same brand. My hair has been damaged by sun, wind and salt water from our beach outing. I’d been using this for almost 3-4 weeks before this review

What I like about the Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner:

  • It has a mild fresh floral scent to it.
  • It creamier than the shampoo but it is easy to spread and massage on hair.
  • The hair feels soft while massaging the shampoo on it. Hair feels even softer with this conditioner.
  • While the shampoo cleans very well, this conditioner kept my scalp clean. I shampoo everyday when I go out a lot. But on weeks I am staying at home, I shampoo every other day. My hair is dry and having a break from shampoo helps in keeping it healthy. I use conditioner daily. On days I use conditioner only, I am amazed how my scalp still feels clean!
  • It does not leave any residue on my scalp.
  • I saw an amazing reduction in hair fall.
  • I can run my fingers smoothly though my hair.
  • My hair is straighter with this conditioner and this does not weigh my hair down.
  • It makes my hair manageable .
  • It has UV protection.
  • It is very affordable for P109 sale price and P139.75 regular price.

What I do not like about the Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner:

  • The floral scent does not last the whole day. 4 to 6 hours. But my hair smells fresh still until next wash.

Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner Review

The Fanny Serrano shampoo and conditioner gave me the salon-washed feel. They feel very clean and fresh on te hair and scalp. I am glad I’ve found a shampoo with UV protection that cared for my damaged hair. I think I’m never going to have my hair rebonded again so I need a shampoo and conditioner that will tame my naturally wavy hair.

Just sharing something that might be off the topic but I feel worthy of space. I hated my hair so much when I was younger for it is naturally wavy and I truly rejoiced the advent of rebonding. I guess it is human nature to like and adore what you don’t have. As I grow older, I started to appreciate my wavy hair. I still adore straight and rebonded hair. It’s just that, maybe it takes maturity to appreciate what you already have. My feeling towards my hair very is different now. I think I am in an age wherein I feel good at enhancing things and not really changing them.

See the beauty in everything,

Val Anne Bee

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2 Responses to Fanny Serrano Professionals Revitalizing Conditioner Review

  1. Ida says:

    I really had no idea that FS had hair products. Did you get this at SM Val? :) I think I want. :)

    • Val Anne Bee says:

      Me too, I don’t know that FS has these products. I got them from Watsons. I find their hair products better than most of those popular brands.=) Thanks Ida.

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