Ever Bilena Pink Petal Single Blush

Ever Bilena Pink Petal Single Blush

On my last trip to the drugstore to check out local cosmetics counters, I went with renewed enthusiasm because of items which I’d read good things about, and which I was excited to try. One of those was the Ever Bilena Pink Petal Single Blush.

Ever Bilena Pink Petal Single BlushWhen I check out the Ever Bilena counter, the blushes that I usually notice are the bigger ones in the compacts, with the flip top containers inside. I have one of those in the shade Cheek, which I continue to use today, and Gessyl wrote a review on the Earth shade as well. The Single Blush pans are slightly smaller, cheaper, and come in a handful of other shades aside from Pink Petal.

Ever Bilena Pink Petal Single BlushThe packaging of this product is very simple. The pan of blush is housed in a black plastic jar with a clear, screw-on lid. That’s it. It’s pretty straightforward. I like the clear lid because it lets me see the shade easily.

Pink Petal seems to be popular shade in our local makeup forum and I can see why. It’s a pink that would probably suit most skin tones, from fair to morena. It’s quite subtle. This is a light, soft pink color with slightly cool tones, and appears to have a matte finish when worn. Looking at a swatch of it closely though, under the sun, it actually contains a bit of fine shimmer.

It’s also sheer. I find it hard to overdo this blush. I don’t have to be careful with the application of it at all or make and make much of an effort to blend because it’s not that pigmented.

I think it’s perfect for when you’re just going to the supermarket or run some errands, or perhaps for light makeup for school or the office. I like wearing it on lazy makeup days (which for me currently is most days because it’s just so hot). I just wear sunblock, this, a tinted balm and I’m done.

Ever Bilena Pink Petal Single BlushDon’t have a swatch photo because my camera’s auto-focus seems to be broken, couldn’t get a decent shot. The color of the blush applies true to how it looks in the pan.

Ever Bilena Pink Petal Single Blush – What I like:

  • The subtle, pretty pink color.
  • It’s not streaky or hard to blend.
  • It doesn’t break me out or make me itch.
  • The clear lid lets me spot the shade I want easily.
  • It’s not expensive at all. Costs PhP 110.
  • You can find it a lot of places.

Ever Bilena Pink Petal Single Blush – What I don’t like:

  • Sometimes I find it a bit too sheer. For example, to get a decent swatch of it on my hand, I had to go over the pan about five times.
  • Fades on my skin within only an hour or two.


This product is worth checking out if you’re looking for a pretty light pink blush that isn’t shimmery or expensive. For just PhP 110, Pink Petal is quite nice. Just be aware that it’s sheer and requires a few layers, so if it’s an uber pigmented blush that you want, steer clear. I’ll be looking at the other shades of Ever Bilena Single Blushes as well.

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  1. neha says:

    so preettttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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