Driclor Antiperspirant Review

Driclor Antiperspirant Review

Have you ever suffered from excessive sweating (also called hyperhidrosis, which is a medical condition in which a person sweats excessively) and you thought having botox injections was the only solution? If you are scared of the word “injection” or just simply not in favor of doing anything invasive, then Driclor is absolutely what you need.

Driclor Antiperspirant ReviewAccording to the Stiefel Laboratories, manufacturer of Driclor, Driclor is a clear, colourless solution which is indicated for the treatment of excessive perspiration of the underarms, the hands and the feet.

Based on the patient instruction leaflet:

Composition: Driclor contains Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate USP 20% w/w (185 mg/mL) in alcohol

Pharmacological Classification: Antiperspirant

Identification: Driclor is a clear colourless solution.

Presentation: Roll-on

Indications: Driclor is indicated for the treatment of excessive perspiration of the underarms, the hands and the feet.

Driclor Antiperspirant ReviewI started using Driclor a few years ago when I was still in college. The Philippines is a tropical country and is usually hot and humid, so we can’t deny the fact that most of us suffer from sweating, sometimes a bit too much. I have no excessive sweating problems nor have any medical condition that induces sweating. In short, I am perfectly normal and was just too keen on finding the perfect no sweat antiperspirant. I spent an amount of my time searching for antiperspirants with good reputations, when I finally landed on Driclor. Almost all the feedbacks were positive, so I became too curious to know if it’s really that effective or not, that I immediately went to the nearest drugstore and bought it.

Driclor Antiperspirant ReviewFollowing the instructions on the leaflet, I used it on that same night. I was already expecting temporary irritation or redness as what they have stated on the leaflet, but what happened to me was worse than that. It was very, very itchy and I even felt a burning sensation that I almost wanted to rinse it right away. I don’t know if I applied a bit too much, hence the burning sensation. All I know was it was almost unbearable. After a few minutes, the burning sensation finally stopped but the itchiness was still there (which didn’t help with my insomnia). Somehow I endured the itchiness throughout the night. On the following day, I rinsed it with a mild soap to avoid aggravating the condition I had the night before. At the end of the day, I was really amazed on how Driclor totally stopped my underarms from sweating, which lasted me for about a week.

What I like about Driclor Antiperspirant:

  • Definitely effective in controlling excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the underarms
  • One application lasts for about a couple of days to a week at the most, therefore, you don’t have to use it everyday
  • I feel more comfortable and confident even on hot, summer days because I’m totally sweat-free
  • It’s fragrance-free so I don’t need to worry about my perfume mixing up with its smell.
  • It has done an excellent job as an antiperspirant. I don’t have to worry about having sweat patches on my clothes.
  • And because it’s already that effective on stopping sweat completely, I don’t need to consider having botox injections for underarms

What I don’t like about Driclor Antiperspirant:

  • Temporary irritation lasts for about one to two days
  • It stings a lot upon application
  • A lot of people, including me, experienced some kind of irritation, to the point that it started to cause underarm hyperpigmentation
  • The product leaflet advised us to “Apply last thing at night when completely relaxed”, but based on my experience, applying it at night doesn’t really help. In fact, it caused me sleepless nights because of itchiness.
  • It’s pretty expensive at Php 865 for a 60ml bottle

I have already tried a handful of antiperspirants and this, so far, is the most effective in controlling sweat. However, if you have a sensitive skin, it might cause severe irritation that can lead to further hyperpigmentation of underarms. But of course, if your priority is to completely stop your underarms, hands or feet from sweating that leads to showing embarrassing marks on your clothes, then this product is highly recommended. You can buy this over the counter at leading drugstores. I’m not sure if other cheaper alternatives work as well as Driclor, but as for me, I’m definitely sticking to Driclor for a very long time.

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13 Responses to Driclor Antiperspirant Review

  1. Ida says:

    Wow, it’s great that this product really stops underarms from sweating and only has to be applied once a week, but the irritation it caused sucks…I guess the ingredients are so strong that they caused the sensitive skin on the underarms to become irritated.

  2. muzik says:

    hello, i share ur sentiments. having wet underams had been my problem since childhood. until i came across an article promoting driclor. i bought it at once, and just after the first day application, my underams never got wet. i am really thankful

    i just have a simple question. every time i use driclor, i put on the roller cap, and after i finish, i remove the roller and replace it with the original cap. i am not sure if i can cover it with the roller in place. i’m wondering if i have to insert the roller deeper so i can cover it afterwards? hope u can answer my query.

    thanks a lot.

  3. Nikki says:

    Ida, I guess so, because this product is intended to treat excessive sweating so maybe they had to use stronger chemicals. But it’s really effective, I just had to tolerate the itchiness / irritation it causes after applying.

    Muzik, you can cover it with the roller in place without having to remove it. That always works for me. :)

  4. airam says:

    hi, im new at it..i w0ndered if it is alrght if i will apply any kind of de0 in the m0rning aftr bathng? Tnx,gdbles

  5. hi there kc aq ginamit q cia(drictor)my first time.. nung umga na still ngpapawis padin cia. … normal lng ba un…pag first time plng gumamit?

  6. von says:

    Where can i buy Driclor? Wala naman available sa Mercury eh..

  7. lou says:

    Hi. i wonder if i can use it with my sweaty hands? :(

  8. Carlo says:

    Hi miss Ida , sure po ba na available pa to sa watsons?kasi nagtanong ako last week wla daw e. tnx

  9. emarose says:

    sino nagbebenta ng driclor

  10. simple pretty says:

    Hi Guys, Im selling driclor for Php 1,250..75ml..if interested text me at 09424814016
    meet up only either in SM MegaMall or SM Makati..1 driclor remaining..

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