Denim Shorts Do’s and Don’ts

Denim Shorts Do’s and Don’ts

Shorts are probably the standard uniform right now in Manila, with the terrible heat we’re experiencing. I can’t stand to wear jeans right now, it just feels so confining, so nearly everyday I’m in shorts (if not that, a mini, or a dress). My personal fabric choice is denim. Like jeans, it goes with pretty much everything. I don’t have to think so much about what to wear with it. But as easy as it is to wear, I think there are still do’s and dont’s to wearing denim shorts…

Denim Shorts Do's and Don'tsDo wear them with belts. I like wearing denim shorts with belts because it brings some detail to my outfit. I mean, it’s so convenient to just pair denim shorts with a shirt or tank top, and flip flops, but that can get pretty boring too. A belt can make denim shorts a pop of color or print, and make the outfit as a whole more interesting.

Denim Shorts Do's and Don'tsRachel Bilson is so adorable. I like her studded and distressed shorts.

Do wear them distressed. In my world, distressed denim rules. I love ‘em ripped, grated, treated, and with a strategically-placed hole or two. I think it’s subtly sexy and it’s how you wear it that makes it work. For shorts, you can DIY it by cutting a pair of jeans into shorts, or using a razor, scissors, or even a knife. What to pair it with? Try a baseball shirt, or a tank top with graphic print.


Don’t wear them with the pockets hanging way out. I’ve seen a number of girls wearing denim shorts with the pockets hanging out, being longer than the shorts themselves. I think distressed denim rocks. But frankly, this just looks trashy to me. I think it looks okay when the pockets are slightly peeking out from the hem, but when it’s what your eyes immediately focus on, I don’t think it looks good.

Do pair them with the sheer trend. Some people are probably sick of seeing the sheer tops and skirts, but I think it’s a good way to deal with the heat. It’s so presko to wear a pair of denim shorts that fit you well and a loose-fitting, sheer sleeveless top on a hot, hot day.

Denim Shorts Do's and Don'tsDo don a sandals with eye-catching detail. Denim shorts, and I think just denim itself, looks very basic. That’s why it’s versatile, and it’s fun to play around with the accessories you can use with it. I had this favorite pair of beige sandals with a simple t-strap that had faux turquoise gems running up the strap. I loved that bit of color it brought to my outfit. I’m on the hunt now for a pair like the one in the picture above.

Don’t have hairy legs when you wear denim shorts. Or any pair of shorts or article of clothing that ends above the knee, for that matter. Not pretty, and slightly embarrassing. Aside from keeping legs hair-free, you can also exfoliate and moisturize them to look their best in shorts.

Those are my personal list of do’s and don’ts when wearing denim shorts. Also, not entirely fashion-related, but don’t wear them to church!

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2 Responses to Denim Shorts Do’s and Don’ts

  1. thiamere says:

    pockets hanging just ruins the look of denim shorts imo
    it looks so ‘bakya’ as what my mom used to say

    but waxed/shaved legs is a must!
    yun lang talaga!

    • Ida says:

      I think that’s an expression from the 70s. My dad says that when he thinks something baduy. Haha!

      Oh yes, must talaga! :D

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