Chic Nail Colors – Ash and Silky White

Chic Nail Colors – Ash and Silky White

Chic is a locallly available brand of nail polish, which I found right beside Bobbie and Caronia during a quick trip to cosmetics section of a department store. I was looking for a taupe, because big as that nail polish trend was last year, I never put on any taupe polish because wearing that particular shade didn’t really appeal to me. So I thought I might try an affordable brand first, that way I wouldn’t feel too bad if I ended up not using the polish. Ash was the first one I saw so I grabbed that, then I also got Silky White because I didn’t have any basic white polish yet.

Chic Nail Colors - Ash and Silky WhiteThe label on the back of Ash says that it’s a glaze, while on Silky White it says ‘regular’, but these both have creme finishes. I would’ve liked to find out more information about Chic, but I couldn’t find their website or Facebook page.

Chic Nail Colors - Ash and Silky White

Chic Nail Colors - Ash and Silky WhiteAsh is a…well, a taupe. It has more grey tones in actual compared to the photos here. *Scratches head. I’m not sure how to describe this color aside from that it has tones of both brown and grey, and it’s not dark but more of a medum taupe. It looks so unappealing in the bottle, but I’m so glad I tried it, because on the nails, it’s a chic, clean, understated color. It reminds me a little of malted chocolate milk, and I like it a lot. This makes for such a nice break from the bright colors, pastels, and shimmers that I’ve been wearing lately. I guess I get the taupe nail polish trend now!

It’s rather sheer so I needed to apply 3 coats of it. The formula is also a bit runny, but even so I experienced no major application issues with it.  Good application, all in all. It’s a creme and has a shiny finish.

Chic Silky White, on the other hand, is a streaky mess. After 3 coats, it still shows streaks and bald spots. It was a bit thick and gloopy too, so I added some drops of thinner to it, and that improved the application, though not a whole lot. It’s a plain white with a creme finish, not much else to say about the color. I’d planned to layer it with some glitters, but, I dunno, I might now use it much.

Chic Nail Colors - Ash and Silky WhiteAsh, photo taken outdoors. It’s got cooler grey tones to it in actual, though the photo’s close enough. I’ve worn this 3 days now so excuse the tip wear.

Chic Nail Colors - Ash and Silky WhiteSilky White

Chic Nail Colors – Likes:

  • Ash is such a chic shade on the nails!
  • These are so affordable. They cost PhP 31 each.
  • Ash applies smoothly.
  • Easy to come by.

Chic Nail Colors – Dislikes:

  • Silky White is streaky and gloopy.


I’m happy to have come across the Chic Ash Nail Polish. It’s turned me on to taupe and how subtly chic it can look on the nails. Silky White I don’t like so much, but oh well, that’s fine. I’m definitely looking forward to checking out more of Chic’s nail polishes.

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7 Responses to Chic Nail Colors – Ash and Silky White

  1. René says:

    The taupe shade does look appealing. Very tempting!

  2. Ida says:

    It looks even nicer in person, René. :)

  3. thiamere says:

    there is one shade that i have been wanting to try ever since i saw their new release. the gray-ish one in their grainy collection. im just curious as to how it looks like when swatched. i haven’t seen a swatch kasi sa dept. store though im not a fan of sand polish but hey, i haven’t seen a shade like that…hehe

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