Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer Review

Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer Review

I ran out of moisturizer, saw this while browsing at Watson’s, and I thought, why not? It’s cheap, claims to be hypo-allergenic, and I thought it was cool how it was water-based, which would be great for our hot climate. The Dermoscience products seem to be a new and improved lineup of Celeteque items. It offers different product lines that target certain skin issues—there’s Hydrating, Sun Care, Brightening, Acne Solutions, Advanced Anti-Aging, and Restorative. I try to keep my skin care routine simple, but always focus on hydration and moisturization, so I’m interested in the Hydrating line. This seemed like a good choice of product to get an impression of this line.
Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer ReviewProduct claim:

The Dermoscience Hydration line can give you 90% softer, smoother, moisture-balanced skin in just 2 weeks.

The Celeteque  Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer is dermatologist-tested, water-based and oil-free, non-comodogenic, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free.

Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer Review

Ages ago, I tried the old moisturizer Celeteque had (the one in the white tube with the blue cap), and I wasn’t too impressed with it because I didn’t find it moisturizing at all. So that was one of the apprehensions I had about this new version.

The Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer has a similar consistency to that of the old moisturizer—it’s clear and gel-like, but kind of watery. The main difference of this one and the old one, based on my memory, is that this feels slightly more sticky while being freshly applied to the skin.

It doesn’t take long to get absorbed. In less than a minute, it’s dried off and no longer feels sticky at all. My face just feels softer, without any hint of oiliness, which I sometimes experience from using heaving moisturizers. I think this is great for super hot days, or nights, for that matter. I use it mostly during daytime, or during nights when the air just feels too humid.

It was a pleasant surprise too that it provided most of the hydration and moisture my dry skin needed. The very dry spots on my face get flaky and dry again 3-4 hours after applying this, but I’ve learned to apply a heavier moisturizer on just those areas.

Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer ReviewCeleteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer – Likes:

  • It’s fragrance-free.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin, even outdoors.
  • Makes my skin feel hydrated and soft.
  • I need only a small amount for the entire face.
  • So far, it hasn’t broken me out. I’ve been using it daily for about 2 weeks now.
  • No noticeable increase in blackheads either (some facial care products do that to me).
  • It doesn’t make my face oily at the end of the day.
  • This 50ml tube is only PhP 127.
  • Celeteque available at so many places.

Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer – Dislikes:

  • It’s not moisturizing enough for the few, but persistently very dry areas on my face.


This performs well for its price, in my opinions. The problem I experience with a number of drugstore moisturizers is that they’re not moisturizing enough, but this works on my dry skin. It’s a bonus that the lightweight feel of it seems perfect for our weather. Here are the other Celeteque Dermoscience Hydrating items being offered: Facial Wash, Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash, Alcohol-free Toner, Cleansing Wipes, and Moisturizing Mist. I’d love to try the Moisturizing Mist!

Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Light Cleansing Oil
Celeteque Facial Moisturizer with Triple Moisturizing System

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7 Responses to Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Facial Moisturizer Review

  1. Nin says:

    I have this too! I love it to bits! Good thing it works for us, Celeteque is said to be too strong for other people.

    • Ida says:

      Yeah, I can’t believe it’s only P127. :shy: Perhaps the new anti-acne variants may be too harsh for some skins. But the old moisturizer, I found too mild.

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  3. Rhen says:

    I totally agree. Works great for it’s price. Check out my review on the whole set here:


    • Ida says:

      Thanks for the link, Rhen, though I think that’s for the anti-acne line. I’ll be checking it out anyway. :)

  4. Cecile says:

    This is my favorite moisturizer/ primer but I have to agree this isn’t moisturizing enough. I like my Bare Escentuals moisturizer for flaky areas.

  5. Mevs says:

    Hi I’ve been using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and I really love it and I want to try their Facial Moisturizer as well, I wonder if you already tried it? and how was it compared to Celeteque? I was hesitant to try the Cetaphil moisturizer because I read lots of bad reviews on them. I hope you’ll help me in this matter. Thank you.

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