Caronia Nail Polish – Touch of Tan & Butterscotch

Caronia Nail Polish – Touch of Tan & Butterscotch

I used to skip right trough nude shades of polish while browsing collections both online and offline, but as I’ve mentioned in my review of another nude, China Glaze Camisole, I realized I needed a break from the series of dark, bright hues I’ve been wearing on my nails, and nudes are the perfect thing for that. At the Cosmetologie expo, I picked up two nude polishes at the Caronia booth—Touch of Tan and Butterscotch.

Caronia Nail Polish - Touch of Tan & ButterscotchLeft- Touch of Tan, right- Butterscotch

I really liked that they had these smaller bottles available. They’re more practical for someone who owns a variety of other shades. They were so cheap too, I couldn’t not buy them, at only around PhP 23, I can’t remember just exactly how much, but they weren’t more than PhP 30 each.

Caronia Nail Polish - Touch of Tan & ButterscotchTouch of Tan, I dare say, should be a familiar name or shade to those who’ve frequented budget nail salons or have been serviced by manicuristas with local collections of nail polish. Seriously, when I picked up the bottle of Touch of Tan while browsing at the Caronia booth, I knew it was familiar because I’d seen it probably about a dozen times at the affordable nail salon nearby.

Touch of Tan is a creme, and the old me who used to avoid neutral colors of polish would probably have found it boring, but I like this color. It goes very well with my skin tone and looks natural and clean on my fingernails. The color of it is similar to my actual skin tone, but a bit darker and peachier. This is a light tan with a slightly peachy undertone.

My issue with it is the formula. It was too thick and goopy, so I added about five drops of thinner to it, which made it a little better, but still quite streaky and a bit goopy. Because of that, I found it hard to apply it evenly. Maybe I’ll add a few more drops of thinner.

Butterscotch has a yellow-orange gold base loaded with silver shimmers. It’s labeled a frost, like I noticed around 70% of Caronia polishes were, but to me it’s only lightly frosted and is more of a shimmer. Butterscotch is a warm color, and depending on the light looks either yellow-gold or an orangey gold.

Caronia Butterscotch is on the sheer side. After two coats, I find that my nail line is still visible, so I like to put on a third coat. I think this’d look prettier on my toes than on my hands, for some reason. The consistency of Butterscotch when I got it was also pretty thick, but after putting two three drops of thinner into it, it began to apply smoothly.

Caronia Nail Polish - Touch of Tan & ButterscotchCaronia Touch of Tan and Butterscotch applied alternately on fingernails

Caronia Nail Polish – Touch of Tan & Butterscotch – Pros:

  • These are both nice colors—a neutral that suits my skin tone and a summery, shimmery warm gold.
  • I find the brush to be just the right size and easy to use.
  • They’re dirt cheap.
  • Very accessible.
  • Quick drying time.
  • Available in small and bigger bottles.

Caronia Nail Polish – Touch of Tan & Butterscotch – Cons:

  • Both had a thick consistency so I had to add thinner to them.
  • Touch of Tan is real streaky, IMO.


I like the colors of these two Caronia polishes and I love how inexpensive they are. Definitely nice to play with if you’re under a budget and want to have more shades of nail polish to play with, Caronia is a good choice. Now I want to check out their summer collection, a handful of brightly-colored creams.

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3 Responses to Caronia Nail Polish – Touch of Tan & Butterscotch

  1. Nin says:

    Mom loves Touch of Tan. I bought one for her at the event too. :)

    • Ida says:

      I showed Touch of Tan (and Butterscotch) to my mom too, because she likes neutrals. Sweet of you to buy something for your mom at the expo. :)

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