Carmex Stick Lip Balms – Strawberry & Original

Carmex Stick Lip Balms – Strawberry & Original

These two Carmex Stick Balms are some of the most long-lasting lip balms I’ve tried. I know they’re called Stick lip balms because they’re in a twist-up stick/tube packaging, but they really do stick to my lips. I have the Strawberry and Original flavors.

Carmex Stick Lip Balms - Strawberry & OriginalInformation about the products from the website:

Alleviates the roughness of dry lips.

Replaces moisture and protects lips from sunburn.

Contains germ-killing menthol and phenol, speeding the healing process.

Carmex Strawberry Stick

A berry nice way to treat your lips.

Carmex Original Stick

Solid protection for your lips.

Carmex Stick Lip Balms - Strawberry & OriginalI like the Strawberry flavor a lot. It reminds me of the very first lip balm I had, I think it was from Avon, and it smelled very much like this! It smells fruity and slightly sweet, and I like having the scent on my lips. It doesn’t linger a long time though, probably just a few minutes, and the scent isn’t too strong either.

As for the Original flavor, its scent is pretty much the same as that of the Carmex lip balms in the jar and squeeze-tube packaging. It has that same minty, slightly vanillic smell, though it is milder here in the Stick form. Both the Strawberry and Original balms have a subtle minty taste as well. I don’t get any tingly, minty sensation when I apply either of these though, unlike with the Carmex balm in the jar packaging.

These are pretty thick balms. I can see how they’d be ideal for colder, more windy weather, as well as for water sports because the thick consistency really helps make the balm stay on the lips for hours. Worn outdoors here in Manila though, these tend to feel rather heavy, so I prefer to dab them on or just do a light swipe instead of applying it fully.

They last over three hours on my lips, through glasses of water and even a few snacks. I find these to be the most moisturizing among the four Carmex balms that I have. I prefer the basic twist-up tube packaging over most others so these suit me just fine. These twist up in controlled amounts so there’s never an extra amount hanging out and snagging on the cap.

Carmex Stick Lip Balms - Strawberry & OriginalStrawberry on the left, Original on the right.

Carmex Stick Lip Balms – Strawberry & Original – Likes:

  • It has SPF 15.
  • I find both to be moisturizing.
  • Both last pretty long on my lips.
  • The simple, functional packaging.
  • I enjoy the Strawberry scent.
  • These are affordably priced at PhP 109.75 each (I didn’t buy them though, they were sent by Carmex Philippines).
  • Easily accessible. You can find these at PCX stores and most department stores.

Carmex Stick Lip Balms – Strawberry & Original – Dislikes:

  • This can feel too heavy and waxy on the lips in our hot weather. Apply lightly.
  • I’d prefer if they were tasteless.


The Stick Lip Balms, the Strawberry flavor especially, are my favorite among the Carmex balms. Despite the thick, slightly waxy feel, I find them to be the most moisturizing and long-lasting, and I’ll definitely keep using them.

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