Carmex Cherry Click Stick Lip Balm

Carmex Cherry Click Stick Lip Balm

I’m a person who doesn’t drink enough water every day. Consequently, it shows on my dehydrated skin and of course, my lips which crack and chap frequently and sometimes become painful due to insufficient moisture, and of course our ever changing weather doesn’t help either. I have already suffered from lip burns from sun exposure and wind burns from winter (sorry, lips, for mistreating you). Luckily, lip balms were invented and have been my small refuge as long as I can remember.

I have already tried a couple of brands but nothing seems to help my severely chapped lips to completely heal. Some brands even caused them to become more damaged by making it peel roughly, thus making it more flaky and sore. I also remember sticking with a brand for a long time just because I couldn’t find anything that can actually cure my lips that’s why I just settled with the closest thing that I can grab.

Realizing that an overpriced balm is not doing me any good anymore, I combed through the lip balms that are neatly arranged on a department store rack. I was about to buy the inexpensive one that I used when I was a kid (and stopped using it just because), when I encountered th Carmex Cherry Click Stick.

Carmex Cherry Click Stick Lip Balm

The Carmex website says:

Carmex Cherry Stick: A sweet way to protect your lips

- Cherry flavor in a solid stick
– Moisturizing lip balm
– Non-addictive and not tested on animals
– Contains SPF 15 sunscreen
– Available in .15 oz. stick

Keeps lips soft: Alleviates roughness.

Protects from wind and sun: Replaces moisture and protects from sunburn.

Helps heal chapping: Contains germ-killing menthol and phenol, speeding the healing process.

Active Ingredients: Octinoxate and Oxybenzone, two sunscreen agents

Other Ingredients: beeswax, cetyl ester, camphor, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, flavor, lanolin, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam)seed oil, menthol, ozokerite, paraffin, petrolatum, phenol, salicylic acid and theobroma cacao(cocoa) seed butter.

Carmex Cherry Click Stick Lip Balm

I was not too familiar with the Carmex brand so I didn’t know how effective it was. All I knew that it was that it looked like most of the other balms, and that the department stores here in the Philippines have just started to sell this particular brand. Upon seeing the very affordable price, I bought it right away and gave it a try.

Carmex Cherry Click Stick Lip BalmWhat I like about Carmex Cherry Click Stick Lip Balm:

  • Very effective in healing dry, chapped lips
  • Keeps my lips moisturized even in extreme weather conditions
  • Protects from sun’s damaging rays
  • I love the minty, cooling effect upon application
  • It’s not sticky, makes my lips smooth and look healthy
  • It brings out my lips’ natural color
  • The cherry flavor will make you want to apply and reapply very often
  • This balm being a tube type and click-stick, is very convenient to use
  • Readily available in department stores, supermarkets, grocery stores
  • It is very affordable. It’s only about a hundred pesos!

What I don’t like about Carmex Cherry Click Stick Lip Balm:

  • None at all. I love it.


This is the only product that I constantly use on my lips. I can skip lipglosses or lipsticks, but not this one. It not only cures my dry, chapped lips but it also gives them a healthy sheen. I would definitely repurchase this after I finish my tube, plus the fact that it’s very affordable (it was sometimes sold as a buy one take one product in the US) makes me want to stock up on this one. I love it and it’s the only product that I depend on when it comes to treat chapped lips.

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  1. Ida says:

    I agree, this is nice. :) I like the Strawberry flavored one.

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