Caress Glow In The Dark Nail Polish Review

Caress Glow In The Dark Nail Polish Review

Nail polish that glows in the dark-isn’t that cool? I guess my mom thought so as well because she got me one when she went to Landmark Makati. This glow in the dark polish is from Caress, which is a local brand, I haven’t tried any of their other polishes yet though. I got a kick out of showing the bottle of this to my 3-year-old daughter, she thought it was cool too.

Caress Glow In The Dark Nail Polish ReviewIt says ‘frosted’ on the bottle of Caress Glow In The Dark, but I don’t find that it applies frosty. On the nail, it applies clear with a slightly shiny finish.

Caress Glow In The Dark Nail Polish ReviewIn my mind, before I actually tried this polish on my nails, I imagined it would glow when I put the lights out and I’d have something to rest my eyes on until I drifted off to sleep. I forgot that glow in the dark stuff needed to be placed in front of a light in order for them to be all glowy, haha, it’s been years since I played with any objects that glowed in the dark.

Anyway, instructions on the back of the bottle tell me to shake it well before use, which I never do with any polishes (I just roll them in my hand instead) because I’ve read that that might cause bubbles in the polish, but I shook it anyway because maybe that would that help make it more luminous.

This looks yellowish in the bottle, but as I mentioned, it applies clear. This is kinda runny but generally applies very smoothly. It dries pretty quickly too. The brush is a little wonky, splayed at the sides, but that didn’t cause any problems. I’ve worn it alone as well as on top of other colors and it doesn’t affect the color or finish of the polish underneath it.

I did two coats of it on each finger and tried holding my nails and the bottle under a lamp for about a minute, after which the bottle grew bright in the dark, but my nails only had a slight glow. I’m too impatient to hold them under a light for a longer period of time, I guess.

Caress Glow In The Dark Nail Polish ReviewLit up in the dark

I took pictures of this Caress polish in a room that wasn’t completely dark, I kept a lamp on low light but the luminous effect still shows. On my nails though it wasn’t obvious and barely registered on the camera.

Caress Glow In The Dark Nail Polish – What I like:

  • It’s fun to experiment with.
  • It applies smoothly.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It doesn’t affect the color or finish of the polishes I’ve layered it over.
  • It’s cheap at PhP 35.

Caress Glow In The Dark Nail Polish – What I don’t like:

  • I wish the glow the in the dark effect was stronger on the nails.


This is a cool polish to play with and it’s nice how it’s inexpensive so you can go and buy it if you’re simply curious or wanna get it for the novelty of the product.

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