Beauty UK Stripey Blusher in No. 4 Orange Review

Beauty UK Stripey Blusher in No. 4 Orange Review

A lot of drugstore brands are becoming more and more popular and widely used by bloggers. It is a good thing especially for beginners or for those people who are on a budget. However, most of these brands are not easily accessible for consumers in Manila as they are not locally available. But thanks to the internet, we can get our hands on these goodies that are considered hard to find here. Lately, I have been on a coral kick and oranges and corals are getting a lot of love from me especially during this summer. I find myself checking out products in such shades, and some, I end up wanting badly. One of the “orange” items that caught my eye is this blush from Beauty UK, another drugstore brand in the UK (just like Sleek Makeup which made its way to Manila, thanks to resellers), which is the Stripey Blusher in No. 4 Orange. I have used it a few times and I decided to finally share my review on it.

Beauty UK Stripey Blusher in No. 4 Orange ReviewBeauty UK does not provide much information about the Stripey Blusher other than this:

Gives a healthy shimmering complexion, try our brighter shades for a rosy glow!

Okay, so much for product descriptions. But even though I couldn’t find even an ingredients list on the Beauty UK website (refer to the pictures for the ingredients list), I am glad to have known from browsing their site that they do not test on animals. In fact, here’s what Beauty UK has to say about animal testing (I’m sorry, I just feel compelled to let you know about it and how important it is.):

“We like animals just the way they are and don’t think they look particularly good in makeup. Even if they did we still wouldn’t test our products on them.

The majority of our products are also classed as vegetarian and vegan friendly (not that you should be eating makeup anyway but if you did you wouldn’t find any animal bits in there).”

To read more, click HERE

Anyway, back on topic which is my review and here it is.

Beauty UK Stripey Blusher in No. 4 Orange ReviewBeauty UK Stripey Blusher in No. 4 Orange – Pros:

  • The packaging of the Stripey Blusher is very simple and minimalist. If you’re familiar with how Smashbox packaged some of their striped blushes before, you’d be reminded of it when you see how this is packaged. A round pot, which I have to say is pretty huge, and a clear transparent cover.
  • It contains 5 colors in a pot. Orange has a very light pinkish beige, peach shade, orange, brown and a light taupe (I think). Swirl your brush on all the five shades and you get a warm orange-peach shade. You can use the pinkish-beige or light taupe as highlight or use the individual strips as eye shadow.
  • It is a bit pigmented as a cheek color but not when used as eye shadow. I guess they are made for the cheeks more than they are for our pretty peepers.
  • The texture is pretty nice and smooth but not as silky as other brands.
  • Does not cause any skin irritation.
  • Inexpensive for £3.29 which contains 9.9g of product with a shelf life of 24 months or two years.

Beauty UK Stripey Blusher in No. 4 Orange ReviewBeauty UK Stripey Blusher in No. 4 Orange – Cons:

  • Not locally available.
  • Does not have a lot of shades to choose from.
  • Makes me look toasted or sunburned. Definitely not for me. But I can imagine it looking nice on those with medium-tan-darker skin tones.


A nice product for beginners but those looking for pigmented and silky texture and fancy packaging may not like this at all. Those who like simple products that do a very simple job of adding warmth and nice color on the cheeks may find this okay.

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  1. Ida says:

    This looks cute! Did you get it via ebay sis?

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