BDJ Box: Thoughts and Review

BDJ Box: Thoughts and Review

Bitten by the beauty box subscription bug, I decided to also sign up for the BDJ Box after subscribing to Glamourbox. BDJ Box is from the same company who conceptualized the popular planner, Belle du Jour. The idea of BDJ Box is basically the same as that of Glamourbox wherein women subscribe to their monthly beauty box that will be sent straight to one’s doorstep. Subscribers are encouraged to become like a beauty editor to review and discuss about various beauty products, tips and insights with other women in an online platform at

BDJ Box: Thoughts and Review

The price of one BDJ Box is Php 480 per month but it can go down to as low as Php 440 per month if you sign up for the 1-year subscription (one time payment scheme). Subscribers can pay for their subscription via various modes of payment: Paypal, credit cards, online banking, over-the-counter, mobile cash and other non-traditional outlets (Bancnet, Megalink, LBC or SM).

I was surprised to come home from work to see that my BDJ Box had arrived, I read somewhere that they usually send the box around the 3rd week of the month while the BDJ newsletter said that they would send the boxes 2-3 days upon the confirmation of the payment.

BDJ Box: Thoughts and Review

My BDJ box looks just like the ones posted online by various beauty bloggers, it is a gray and pink combination box with the BDJ Box logo in green. Upon opening, the information card is the first thing that greeted me. It explains the theme or the inspiration behind the first ever BDJ Box which is Parisian Pretty. The box aims to coax one’s inner Parisienne by having beautiful skin and hair as well as smelling good all the time. Flipping the card, the list of chosen beauty products and their descriptions are printed as a reference to the subscriber.

BDJ Box: Thoughts and Review

This month’s BDJ Box includes the following products:

  1. L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Daily Repairing Treatment (50ml tube)
  2. Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub (50ml)
  3. L’Oreal Revitalift Intensive Night Repair Essence (5ml)
  4. L’Oreal Lucent Magique Skin Illuminating BB Cream SPF 20 (5ml)
  5. Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua (1.2ml)
  6. Syoss Repair Therapy Shampoo (100ml)
  7. Syoss Repair Therapy Conditioner (100ml)
  8. Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal 24hour Intense Hydrating Gel (15ml)
  9. Garnier Skin Naturals Light SPF 18 (8 x 8ml sachets)

It also includes 5 “I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me” stickers as well as two L’Oreal flyers about the some of their anti-aging products.

BDJ Box: Thoughts and Review

BDJ Box: Thoughts and Review

What I like about the BDJ Box:

  • Affordable price point of the box
  • Packaging is pretty
  • They have several payment terms (can be prepaid or recurring monthly credit card payment)
  • Several payment methods – perfect for those who do not have time to go to the bank to personally deposit the payment or for those who do not have credit cards or Paypal accounts. They have payment methods for everyone
  • Lots of products packed in a small box – this month, they have 9 products inside
  • I like that they have a theme in mind and not just a bunch of product samples placed in a box
  • Their twitter replies fast to questions and queries regarding the BDJ box

What I don’t like about the BDJ Box:

  • Some samples are a wee bit too small, like the L’Oreal Revitalift and the Lucent Magique BB cream – I’m not sure if the samples are enough to substantially test the product
  • Brands are mostly mainstream brands, not really something new to some beauty junkies
  • Box is not as sturdy as that of the Glamourbox box
  • I thought I would be surprised with the contents of the box but it was the same as the boxes featured by various beauty bloggers already so my excitement was a bit pre-empted

BDJ Box: Thoughts and ReviewBox size comparison between Glamourbox and BDJ Box


The number of products that you get for the price of Php 480 a box is quite good, some products will actually last for several weeks when used daily. However, one factor that I didn’t feel so happy about was the choice of brands that were included in the box – I wanted products that veer away from the typical brands that can be seen everywhere. Good thing I only subscribed for the month of November so far. I think I will have to wait for pictures of the December box first before deciding if I will get it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t discourage people from subscribing because the contents of the BDJ Box packs a punch and is perfect for those who aren’t fond of shying away from popular, typical and mainstream brands. But for me, the products just didn’t tickle my fancy as much as Glamourbox did.
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6 Responses to BDJ Box: Thoughts and Review

  1. Nikki Songco says:


    Read one of your dislikes for the BDJ Box:
    -I didn’t get a Benefit sample =( some boxes contain a sample of Cha-cha tint or Posie Tint =( -you get the free benefit sample if you avail the 3 month subscription. :)

    • Angel says:

      Hi, yes I edited this article but the one posted was the first article I sent :)

      • Ida says:

        Oops! Sorry Angel, edited it already to reflect the changes made in the 2nd article. Bit absentminded when I uploaded these articles, not feeling my best then kasi. :)

        Same thoughts, you pretty much summed it up for me…these brands are a wee bit common for beauty junkies, perhaps with the exception of the Syoss products.

  2. Val Anne Bee says:

    I agree. I bet most of ladies who received the box had tried 2 to 3 out of all of the products inside the box. I think reviews like this will help BDJ to deliver better next time. =)

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