Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper Review

Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper Review

Here’s something which I think is a summer beauty essential—oil blotting sheets! I barely use these majority of the year because my skin is dry, but when summer rolls around in Manila, it turns combination and gets a bit oily. I happened to chance upon an Avon sale, one of the items part of the sale being the Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper, so I picked that one up.

Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper ReviewProduct information on the packaging:

Removes excess oil instantly and gives a refreshed feeling! Use anytime, anywhere to remove excess oil and shine.

To use, blot paper gently on face.

Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper ReviewThis pack of blotting papers contains 80 sheets. This cost me only PhP 35. Nice price right?  It was originally priced PhP 70, but it was on 50% off. The packaging is very simple, it’s just a cardboard case, but it’s functional and looks alright to me. I like the pale pink color of it and the purple swirls on the cover.

The blotting papers themselves are a pale blue color. These sheets are pretty thin. After using the first four or five sheets, I realized that I got what I paid for. The blotting papers rip quite easily. They always end up ripping before I’ve done my entire face, even when I try to rub them gently. It’s annoying because then I have to use another sheet, which in the process more often than not also rips.

There’s also a very mild sourish scent to them, nothing rancid or even detectable when I put the pack of blotting to my nose, but when I rub the paper on my face, that’s when I smell it. It’s not very pleasant of course, and it would’ve been way better if this were just unscented.

Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper ReviewAll that said, the Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper does accomplish its job of removing the excess oil and shine on my face that tends to show up sometimes in the afternoon or evening. I usually have to use two sheets in one go though because the first one often rips. I guess I don’t have to worry about using up the pack too fast because it contains 80 sheets which a lot, but it’s pretty inconvenient.

Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper – Pros:

  • You get a high quantity of blotting paper for the price.
  • It’s very cheap.
  • The packaging looks alright to me and functions well enough.
  • Lives up to its claim of removing excess oil and shine.
  • Doesn’t irritate my skin or break me out.
  • It’s locally available.

Avon Simply Pretty Oil Blotting Paper – Cons:

  • The paper is thin and rips easily, so I have to get a new sheet to finish blotting my entire face.
  • There’s a slight scent to it. Not strong but not pleasant either.


While this product does take off excess oil on my skin and it’s dirt cheap, I find it inconvenient to use due to the paper being too thin and ripping too easily. I’d rather spend more on a product that functions better. I would’t buy this again and wouldn’t really recommend it.

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