Adele – Favorite Makeup Looks

Adele – Favorite Makeup Looks

I’m a fan of Adele. Her music never fails to make me feel better. She has a beautiful voice, and a beautiful face as well. The first magazine cover of hers that I saw was on Rolling Stone last year, and when I saw it I was like, whoa. ‘Cause she looked stunning. I like her signature, impeccable makeup and nails and overall style which often seem like a throwback to the 60s.

Here are some of my favorite makeup looks of Adele’s:

Adele - Favorite Makeup LooksGrammys 2012

I think one of the things Adele has consistently kept up in her makeup looks, aside from cat eye liner and full lashes, is flawless skin. Her skin looked perfect in the Grammy Awards this year. I’d really like to find out what foundation and other base makeup she used but I can’t find the breakdown of items used to create this look.

I love how the focus here is as per usual, on the eyes and lips. Everything works so well together here and doesn’t distract from the focal points. There’s only a bit of contouring, her brows are just right, not overdone at all, and the lightened hair is a nice change. And did you see her manicure? A pretty glam Christian Louboutin mani—silver on the top and red on the inner or bottom side of her nails. I love polish, so bonus points for that.

Adele - Favorite Makeup LooksIn the pages of Out Magazine, 2011

I love the soft, very feminine makeup on her here. Again, the emphasis is on the eyes, and slightly on the lips as well. The peach and neutral eyeshadows and signature cat eye liner look lovely with her green eyes. And the lip color, oh, if anyone knows what it is, please do let me know! Maybe I’ll look for that issue of Out magazine. It’s such a pretty, soft neutral pink. I can’t decide whether I like Adele in a red or neutral lip better. And I think the contouring here is wonderfully done. Very beautiful.

Adele - Favorite Makeup LooksIn the pages of Rolling Stone, 2011

I believe this image is from her Rolling Stone 2011 feature, or if not, promotional images for her album 21, correct me if I’m wrong please. Anyway, there’s the signature cat eye and rich eyelashes. I love the color of eyeshadow used here. I constantly searching for a brownish taupe like that which would suit my eye color and skin tone best. I’m a huge sucker for taupes and neutrals I guess that’s why I like this look a lot.

The photo I chose to use is one with her eyes closed, but in other photos of this same look where they’re open, it shows how the inner half of the lower lashline’s been lined with a pale gold, the outer half a smoky black. It looked gorgeous with her eyes. The nude lip is just right for this slightly smokey look, and once again the contouring is subtle but effective.

And there you go. Perhaps I might try do an Adele-inspired look soon when I have the time for it. I don’t know if I can carry off that kinda liner but we’ll see!

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