10 Ways to Have Healthy, Beautiful Nails

10 Ways to Have Healthy, Beautiful Nails

Now that I’ve suddenly become more interested in nail polish, I’m trying to take better care of my nails. Before this, my nail care regimen consisted of just cutting them whenever they got too long. To keep nails healthy and looking beautiful, there are more steps have to be taken, but they’re not so hard to do. Basically, you just need to pay better attention to your nails and not neglect them. Here are 12 ways to have healthy, beautiful nails.

10 Ways to Have Healthy, Beautifu Nails1. Use a good base coat when applying nail polish. A base coat is clear lacquer which can also double as a top coat. Aside from ensuring that your nail polish colors last longer and have a smooth base and finish, a base coat can also prevent nails from looking yellow or discolored, especially when lacquer is worn for prolonged periods.

2. Avoid using acetone or acetone-based nail polish remover. Acetone can be very drying. Look for nail-polish removers that don’t contain it, like Sally Hansen’s polish removers.

10 Ways to Have Healthy, Beautiful Nails3. Trim nails regularly. To avoid getting hangnails, and tearing a nail on jagged edges and, regularly trim your nails for maintenance, according to the length and shape you prefer.

4. Let nails remain polish-free for certain periods. Wearing lacquer all the time can cause nails to look pale or yellowish. Let them rest and breathe once in a while.

10 Ways to Have Healthy, Beautiful Nails5. Get a thorough manicure or give yourself one. To keep nails clean, nicely-shaped, and beautiful, get a manicure regularly. And don’t neglect your toes. Get a pedicure as well.

6. It’s not always necessary to push back or peel cuticles. Pushing back and even cutting off some of the cuticle seems like a common practice to most local nail technicians, but this is a personal choice. I prefer to avoid doing this because I’m more likely to get little wounds and therefore possible infections.

7. Protect nails from harsh cleaning chemicals. If you’ll be cleaning your place and will be coming in contact with cleaning products, put on gloves to protect your nails from getting dry or damaged from harsh chemicals.

10 Ways to Have Healthy, Beautiful Nails8. Keep them moisturized. Always keep a hand cream or nail cream on you and apply any time your nails and cuticles start looking dry. Keeping them moisturized can make them noticeably more healthy-looking, shinier, and stronger.

9. Soak nails in olive oil for a deep moisturizing treatment. Warm up a small amount if olive oil in a dish, then soak your nails in it for a few minutes. Wipe dry hands afterwards. Olive oil helps keep nails moisturized, soft, and healthy. This is ideally done before a manicure, so that nails will be easier to cut and shape.

10. Eat a balanced diet. Vitamin E, calcium, and protein all help keep nails strong, healthy, and naturally beautiful. So eat healthy.

What I realized is that to keep my nails healthy and beautiful, it’s important to take as much care of them as I do with my skin, hair, teeth, and other parts of my body. The key is maintenance and making these steps part of your regular routine.

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